Joget Abah by KFC

The film starts off pretty buoyant, with a father playing practical jokes and dancing jauntily at Hari Raya occasions. Unfortunately, he passes away and his young son struggles to come to terms with it. He then remembers his happy-go-lucky father’s actions and learns to find joy in the pain. *fans tears*

Dari Hati Ayah by Astro

Based on a true story, this film revolves around a father who could never quite understand his autistic son. As the years go by, he begins to see the world through his son’s eyes, and tries to make it up to him. The ad is a powerful lesson in the importance of not only forgiving another, but also forgiving ourselves.

Kampung Batu 311 Diselubungi Misteri… by Telekom Malaysia

A leaking roof gets patched, a lost pet chicken is found and returned to its rightful owner – Kampung Batu 311 has suddenly become a better place all thanks to a mysterious helping hand!
Its residents decide to find out who is behind the good deeds and discover the truth in this hilarious and heartwarming commercial.

#DiariRamadhanOpah by Yeo’s

This simple, heartwrenching film begins with a boy stumbling upon his grandmother’s diary. It documents the many material gifts her children has given her during the month of Ramadan. As the boy reads on, they realise the most important things in life aren’t things.

Selamat-kan Hari Raya by Bank Simpanan Nasional

Their neighbours are away for Hari Raya and Raj and Chong take their task of taking care of the vacant houses really seriously. The great lengths they go to make sure the neighbourhood is safe is really sweet (and funny!).
So, what happens when a suspicious car roams their streets?

Ikhlas by Pelaburan Mara

You’ll need a box of tissues by your side for this one! This Hari Raya commercial, about a family struggling to pick up the pieces after a horrific incident, is being called the saddest one of the year. What’s more, the emotionally-charged moments are effectively delivered by a stellar, star-studded cast, comprising Datuk Rahim Razali, Azizah Mahzan, Faizal Hussein, Fadzillah Mansor, Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Wan Hanafi Su, Umie Aida and Que Haidar.

Goodbye Good Buy by

With a heavy heart, a young man sells his childhood toy off. He hands it to the new owner and walks away tearfully. But the story doesn’t go quite the way you think it would…

Dugaan Raya by Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Aida, a kampung girl working in the big city, just received a phone call from her loved ones beckoning her to come home soon for Hari Raya. With her office desk piled high with work assignments, Aida’s sisters remind her to get gifts for them.
One wants a Yuna-inspired outfit and another wants the iconic heart dress worn by Ramlah Ram. Even her cat wants something – an astronaut suit! A stressed out Aida finally lets out a scream.

A chat with TNB

As Hari Raya draws closer, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) seeks to highlight the many challenges Malaysians go through ahead of the festivities in its new TV commercial, Dugaan Raya.
“Last year’s ad was about forgiveness; there’s no mistake too big or small that cannot be forgiven. This year, we’re talking about the challenges faced by those returning home for Hari Raya,” said TNB chief corporate officer Datuk Wira Roslan Ab Rahman at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.
“No matter the difficulties faced, we will always come home to our families for Hari Raya. But we don’t want to just go home empty-handed, we want to fulfill their requests and make them happy,” he added.
In the commercial, Aida goes to great lengths, baking and selling cookies, for instance, to earn some extra cash to celebrate the festivities.
“Still, the message is, in the end, even without the gifts, just being home is enough,” Roslan said.
Viewers will notice that though Aida faces hardship at every turn, there’s a light-heartedness to the commercial.
Roslan explained: “Although this year’s commercial features some heavy themes, it’s done in such a way that it spreads joy to viewers.”
Directed by BMW Shorties winner Quek Shio Chuan, the four-minute commercial is now online at and a condensed one-minute version is now showing on TV.