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Jabatan Imigresen Kuala Lumpur Gegar Kelab Cekup PATI

"Night Club" Bukit Bintang Lumpuh Dalam OPS Bah Siri Ke-47

MIC VP Sothinathan says he is no longer with MIC as he is seen with Anwar in PD

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Sothinathan says he is no longer with MIC

New Straits Times30 September 2018

PORT DICKSON: The presence of former MIC vice-president, Datuk S Sothinathan at Pakatan Harapan (PH) campaign event this morning has raised question on his role in the coalition party.

Sothinathan was seen accompanying PH’s candidate for the Port Dickson parliamentary by-election, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, during his walkabout programme at Pasar Besar Port Dickson here.

When asked, Sothinathan admitted that he resigned from MIC two months ago.

“I sent my resignation letter in July to MIC. The reason was I didn’t see my relevance in the party anymore.

“I tried my best to help unite the party but I saw that it failed to address various important issues and it’s very frustrating,” he said.

Sothinathan said he has no plans to join any political party at the moment and decided to campaign for Anwar as he hoped that the latter would help to bring development for Port Dickson.

“Port Dickson has so much potential but the opportunities to develop it has been wasted. “For now, my focus is to help Anwar....we will see what happens after that,” the former Port Dickson member of parliament from 2000 to 2008 said. © New Straits Times Press

GV Live+ Minggu 1 I Konsert Gegar Vaganza 5 I I 30 September 2018

Pandikar Amin Mulia has slammed a top leader from Umno, claiming that the latter insulted the leaders of the party on social media.

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Top Umno 'YB' earns Pandikar's ire

Ahmad Suhael Adnan
New Straits Times30 September 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Supreme council member Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia has slammed a top leader from Umno, claiming that the latter insulted the leaders of the party on social media.

The Umno Sabah representative said the leader now holds a post as a Barisan Nasional (BN) member of Parliament and has violated the first value in Umno’s motto, “Bersatu, Bersetia, Berkhidmat,” (United, Loyalty and Service).

Pandikar, who was clad in an Iranun ethnic dastar (headgear) said the leader claimed to be democratic but used that persona as an excuse to celebrate having different opinions with the leadership.

He said this particular leader has humiliated Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, and it was clear that his actions were against the party’s disciplinary regulations.

“As of now, his excuse is democracy and claiming to celebrate a difference of opinion. There is an Umno leader who previously held a big post who is now known as Yang Berhormat, and has been making statements on social media almost every day.

“The statements show that he has a different opinion, and that his stand is not in line with the majority of the party leaders. He has also humiliated the Umno president’s authority.

“This Umno leader’s behaviour has violated the party’s first motto when he chose not to be united,” Pandikar said during his debate at the Umno general assembly at Putra World Trade Centre here, today.

On another matter, Pandikar said that members needed to be united to emerge stronger.

Pandikar also took a jab on former leaders who left the party after BN became the opposition and described them as a modern version of the “Si Tanggang” folk tale character who was an ungrateful son.

He said the leaders not only did not participate in Umno’s latest party election, but they also refused to be involved in the efforts the rejuvenate the party.

“Si Tanggang was turned to stone for being ungrateful to his mother, but the modern version is lucky as even when he is ridiculed, criticised and cursed, he will not turn to stone because of the supernatural knowledge they possess.

“This ‘knowledge’ is easy to learn. Just learn the word democracy and say it seven times,” he said in jest. © New Straits Times Press

President Donald Trump Speech to the United Nations General Assembly

Tun Mahathir One on One Interview- TRT World's Ghida Fakhry speaks to Malaysia's Prime Ministeron the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA.

Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Whacks UN about Veto Power, Dont Talk About Regime Change and Democracy when No Change In UN

Ucapan Penuh President Umno - Pendirian Zahid kurang jelas, kerajaan perpaduan atau lawan PH, soal Khairy

PAU 2018: Pendirian Zahid kurang jelas, kerajaan perpaduan atau lawan PH, soal Khairy
Faiz Zainudin
-September 30, 2018 9:00 AM

Khairy berkata, Zahid sebelum ini dilaporkan berharap kerajaan perpaduan antara Umno dengan mana-mana parti dalam PH dapat dibentuk segera. (Gambar Twitter)

KUALA LUMPUR: Khairy Jamaluddin menyifatkan pendirian Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi kurang jelas dalam menentukan hala tuju parti.

Bekas ketua Pemuda Umno itu mempersoalkan pucuk pimpinan parti berhubung ucapan dasar Zahid sama ada mahu menjadi pembangkang yang kuat atau membentuk kerajaan perpaduan dengan mana-mana parti komponen Pakatan Harapan (PH).

“Hari ini beliau (Zahid) mengatakan kita mahu melawan PH tetapi kemudian beliau mengeluarkan kenyataan untuk membentuk kerajaan perpaduan.

“Anda perlu jelas jika anda memimpin parti. Tidak boleh berkata seolah-olah mahu menjalin kerjasama dengan PH tetapi hari ini kata nak lawan (PH), zalim lah,” kata beliau selepas penyamapaian ucapan dasar presiden pada Persidangan Agung Umno ke-72 di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC), malam tadi.

Khairy merujuk kepada ucapan Zahid yang nampak lebih menjurus kepada kekal sebagai sebuah parti pembangkang bagi menghadapi kerajaan pimpinan PH.

Ini kerana katanya, beberapa hari sebelum persidangan Umno bermula, Zahid dilaporkan berharap penubuhan kerajaan perpaduan antara parti itu dengan mana-mana parti politik dalam kerajaan sekarang dapat dibentuk segera.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Mohammad Hassan berkata, dalam politik seseorang tidak boleh menolak apa-apa jua kemungkinan yang boleh berlaku.

“Kita mahu menjadi pembangkang yang kritikal, tetapi kenapa perlu kita tolak jika ditawarkan untuk menubuhkan kerajaan perpaduan?” katanya menjawab persoalan yang dibangkitkan Khairy.

Katanya, ucapan presiden Umno itu cukup jelas, tetapi bergantung kepada pendengar sama ada memahami dasar itu atau tidak.

“Seperti yang dikatakan semalam, kita ada 2 fokus utama. Satu, mengukuhkan parti dan kedua, strategi apakah yang akan kita gunakan untuk memenangi pilihan raya umum ke-15 kelak,” katanya.

Former Umno president Najib Razak was today given a warm welcome at UMNO General Assembly

‘Ordinary member’ Najib gets warm welcome at Umno assembly
Minderjeet Kaur
-September 29, 2018 8:33 PM
Najib Razak arrives at the PWTC where Umno is holding its first general assembly after the May polls.

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Umno president Najib Razak was today given a warm welcome as he arrived at the Putra World Trade Centre for the Umno general assembly, more than four months after he resigned from the top post following the party’s defeat in the May 9 polls.

Najib, now an ordinary party member, was greeted by shouts of “Hidup Najib”. He was there to hear the opening speech by his successor Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

It is Umno’s first general assembly since the May general election.

Najib resigned as the Umno president three days after Barisan Nasional’s shock defeat in the polls.

Teong Kim still legitimate director of the National Football Academy under the NFDP, FAM sacked him as National Under 16 coach

Teong Kim won’t be sacked, football programme continues
-September 29, 2018 6:51 PM

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman says previously 80% of Teong Kim’s salary was paid by sponsors.

KUALA LUMPUR: Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said Lim Teong Kim’s position as director of the National Football Academy under the National Football Development Programme (NFDP) would not be affected.

Syed Saddiq, who admitted to be also craving for the day Malaysia would qualify for the World Cup, said he felt responsible after the failure of the national squad to qualify for the Under-17 World Cup in Peru next year.

“I did not sack Lim Teong Kim and NFDP will continue.

“Immediately after the match, the FAM (Football Association of Malaysia) had sacked Teong Kim as the national Under-16 squad coach.

“This has nothing to do with NFDP.

“He is still a legitimate director of the National Football Academy under the NFDP,” he said in a statement today.

However, Syed Saddiq added, he could not escape from the reality that NFDP is facing a severe financial situation at this time.

A special fund of RM20 million a year from the previous government was not received as promised, ever since the first year that NFDP was launched.

“As a result of this problem, the MSN (National Sports Council of Malaysia) today has to use its own funds, which were taken from the allocations for other purposes, to bear the expenses of NFDP.”

Syed Saddiq said he was adamant in his stand in re-evaluating the salary package given to Teong Kim, which is almost RM175,000 per month under the NFDP.

“People need to know that, prior to this, 80% of his salary was paid by sponsors.

“However, over the past two years, MSN was making all these payments after the sponsors withdrew. MSN’s responsibility to other sports will also be affected,” he said.

Commenting further, he said the revaluation was not just from the aspect of the management’s salaries but included other aspects of the programme, namely, management, competitions, equipment expenses and the young NFDP athletes.

Syed Saddiq said he would talk to Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng to take into account the need for a suitable allocation to continue to help develop football at the grassroots level.

“At the same time, efforts to bring in more sponsors are being continued.

“We need more involvement from the corporate sector in the development of national sports,” he said.

Outrage as child minder who choked baby to death with green chilli gets only 18-month jail

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Outrage as child minder who choked baby to death with green chilli gets only 18-month jail

Sunday, 30 Sep 2018

PETALING JAYA: People have taken to social media to voice their disbelief and outrage over the 18 months’ jail meted out to a babysitter who shoved a green chilli into the mouth of a toddler under her care until he choked to death.

Many of them pointed out that many lesser offences had seen heavier punishments.

“The value of the life of the child for 18 months jail????!!!! The pa­­rents will suffer emotionally for the rest of their life! And that murderer will only be jailed for 18 months?” said Kreesha Kate Caronan.

Facebook user Jason Lim said others got jailed more than 18 months for “even stealing a couple of coconuts”.

“It should be 18 months jail and 10 years community service. At least, this will give her the chance to redeem herself by giving something useful back to society,” he wrote.

“Just 18 months for taking a child’s life.. Seems so unfair,” said Hargeet Dhillion.

However, there are others who wondered why the woman had resorted to shoving the chilli into the boy’s mouth.

“So sad, how could she? What on earth made her shove the green chillies into the toddler’s mouth? He was sick, sick babies whimper and whine ... is normal. All he wanted was comfort,” pointed out Welly Chua.

“Why on earth would u shove a chilli in a child’s mouth?” wrote Ken Robert.

In the case, two-and-a-half-year-old Muhammad Afif Kamarol Azli had been ill on the morning of June 13 and did not stop whimpering despite being pacified by the accused, Asmarani Ghazali.

She then took out a green chilli from the refrigerator, broke it into half and put it into the boy’s mouth to make him stop.

Asmarani, who had been looking after Muhammad Afif for two years, had initially pleaded not guilty when charged with murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code. The mother of three was then slapped with an alternative charge under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act, read together with Section 31(5)(b), which provides a jail term of up to 20 years or a fine of up to RM50,000 upon conviction.

She pleaded guilty to the charge after it was read to her before High Court judge Datuk Abu Bakar Jais in Seremban

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/30/social-media-users-voice-outrage-over-18month-sentence-for-babysitter/#Se7YysF2BYq6Xl6E.99

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Kokilam crowned Mrs Malaysia World 2018

34-year-old student, mum of three crowned Mrs Malaysia World 2018


Sunday, 30 Sep 20189:11 AM MYT

Winner Mrs Malaysia World 2018 Kokilam Kathirvailu (centre), first runner up Lila Ruzani Hussain (left) and second runner up Marianny Ismail (right) at Gala Finalis and Dinner Mrs Malaysia World 2018 in The Royal Chulan Hotel tonight. The 18 finalist that competed in the Mrs Malaysia World 2018 pageant hail from Johore, Selangor, Sarawak, Malacca, Pahang and Kuala Lumpur and were shortlisted from 60 entries. --fotoBERNAMA

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- A university student and mother of three, Kokilam Kathirvailu, was crowned Mrs Malaysia World 2018, beating 17 other contestants in the pageant finals on Sataurday night (Sept 29).

The 34-year-old was crowned by last year's winner Datin Harveen Kaur.

The RM2.5 million crown was sponsored by Ceres Jewels Malaysia.

Kokilam also received RM25,000 in jewellery, trophies and other prizes.

“To all married women, you can dream big and if you are confident of yourself, you will definitely achieve all of your dreams,” said the third year psychology student at Open University Malaysia.

She will represent Malaysia at the Mrs World International pageant in China in January.

Second and third place winners were Lila Ruzaini Hussain, 47, from Kuala Lumpur and Marianny Ismail, 33, from Melaka.

The event was graced by Tengku Puteri Seri Teja Pahang Tengku Muhaini Sultan Ahmad Shah. -- Bernama

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/30/34yearold-student-mum-of-three-crowned-mrs-malaysia-world-2018/#HqSM6ovfXWiRPPdB.99

Taxis waiting for customers cause traffic jam in Jalan Bukit Bintang

Taxis waiting for customers cause traffic jam in Jalan Bukit Bintang


Saturday, 29 Sep 2018

by edward rajendra and oh ing yeen

Irrespective of the time, taxis parked on the roadside add to traffic congestion.

MOST of the time, the four-lane Jalan Bukit Bintang is reduced to three as numerous taxis hog one lane, worsening the already congested busy road at the popular tourist spot.

It was observed that the taxi drivers would park at the roadside, turn off the engine, alight and start touting their services.

Some would even chat with fellow taxi drivers or even sleep in their taxis, only leaving the spot when a customer wants to use their services.

The parked taxis also obstruct the public’s view of oncoming traffic, forcing pedestrians to step onto the road to see if the road was clear to cross, putting pedestrians’ safety at risk.

Fong said he has notified the traffic police and Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) enforcement unit about it and the authorities promised to look into the matter and take action against taxi drivers who flout the laws.


Congestion at night

“If taxi drivers stop for a while to let passengers alight, that is understandable.

“However, it is a huge problem if they park for a long time and cause traffic congestion.

“I will follow up with the relevant authorities on this and see if there is a solution to easing congestion along the road,” he said.

A visit by StarMetro revealed that taxi drivers who used to wait for passengers outside Pavilion have moved away from the street after traffic police lined the road with traffic cones.

According to a traffic policeman, the taxi drivers had been advised and most of them have complied not to wait for passengers at the busy road.

Cones with reflector strips are a common fixture at certain parts of the street.

“Only one or two would stop for about three minutes with the hope of getting passengers, mostly foreigners but as we patrol, we would gesture to the drivers to move on,” said the policeman.

Lebanese tourist Mahmouf Ahmed Michael, 55, an expatriate in Malaysia suggested that DBKL construct a lay-by for the taxi drivers where they could stop for a short time for passengers to get on board or alight without interrupting traffic on the main thoroughfare of Jalan Bukit Bintang.


“Most expatriates and tourists love to be at the shopping area and we need the convenience of having taxis within walking distance for quick movement.

“It is a matter of better road amenities. Instead of closing off the current lay-by with road cones it would be good to widen and lengthen the stretch with embedded reflectors for the taxis,” he said.

Mahmouf added that now he had to wait for at least 10 minutes to hail a taxi on the road.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2018/09/29/taxis-waiting-for-customers-cause-traffic-jam-in-jalan-bukit-bintang/#PSbic8EHpEq35tic.99

The rakyat have voted in PH and know the arrangement that Mahathir will hand over reigns to Anwar, Opposition still countinue to poke fire

Hadi: Let Tun M serve a full five year term


Saturday, 29 Sep 20187:57 PM MYT

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be given the opportunity to continue in the role until the end of his five-year term, said PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

He said efforts by some quarters, including PKR president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, to take over the premiership, was not in accordance with political morals.

Pakatan Harapan parties had entered the last election with an agreement that Dr Mahathir would serve as Prime Minister and then hand over to the post to Anwar.

“We do not want a person with lust to rule. Let the present prime minister administer the country for as long as he can perform the task.

Asked whether PAS would cooperate with Umno in the Port Dickson by-election, Abdu Hadi said the cooperation would be similar to that during the Balakong and Seri Setia by-elections.

"When Umno does not place its candidate, PAS will, that is cooperation. In terms of strategy, we don't know yet, but if Umno wants to help, we will gladly accept, even if it wants to give donation,” he added.

The Port Dickson by-election will witness a seven-cornered fight, with Anwar leading the way as the Pakatan Harapan candidate.

Former Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abd Samad and Anwar's former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan are also vying for the parliamentary seat as independents.


The others are PAS candidate Lt Col (Rtd) Mohd Nazari Mokhtar and three other independent candidates Lau Seck Yan, social media personality Stevie Chan Kee Leong and Kan Chee Yen.

The Port Dickson by-election was called after its incumbent Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah vacated the seat on Sept 12 to give way to Anwar who wants to make a comeback to the Dewan Rakyat.

In the 14th General Election on May 9, Danyal won the seat with a comfortable majority of 17,710 votes, defeating Barisan Nasional's Datuk V.S. Mogan and Mahfuz Roslan of PAS.The Election Commission (EC) has set Oct 13 as polling day for the Port Dickson by-election and Oct 9 for early voting.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/29/hadi-let-tun-m-serve-a-full-five-year-term/#SjOSAOuYqardwZUT.99

Air traffic controller who stayed behind to guide plane to safety killed in Sulawesi quake

Sulawesi quake: Air traffic controller who stayed behind to guide plane to safety killed


Saturday, 29 Sep 20185:33 PM MYT

Anthonius Gunawan Agung, 21, was a flight navigation service personnel who continued to carry out his duty when a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck the city of Palu in Central Sulawesi on Sept 28, 2018. He was killed in the aftermath of the quake.PHOTO: AIRNAV INDONESIA.

JAKARTA (The Straits Times/Asia News Network): A 21-year-old air traffic controller in Palu, who continued to carry out his duty when a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck the city in Central Sulawesi on Friday evening (Sept 28), has been killed in the aftermath of the quake.

Anthonius Gunawan Agung was a flight navigation service personnel with AirNav Indonesia's Palu branch and he was the air traffic controller (ATC) on duty at the Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie airport during the time of the incident.

"When the earthquake occurred, he had just cleared a Batik Air flight for take-off and waited for the aircraft to be safely airborne before finally leaving the ATC cabin tower," AirNav Indonesia spokesman Yohanes Harry Sirait told reporters on Saturday.

After the flight was cleared, Anthonius found himself trapped and was forced to jump from the four storey-tall tower as the tremors grew stronger.

While grieving the death of a colleague, Yohanes also expressed his condolences for other victims of the earthquake, which was centred in nearby Donggala, a regency in Central Sulawesi.

Yohanes said Anthonius' body will be flown to Makassar, and then to his hometome in Abepura, Papua, where his family awaits.

The young Indonesian man was one of more than 300 people who were killed in the quake, which also resulted in a 3m-high tsunami which together destroyed thousands of buildings in Central Sulawesi province.

The central government is scrambling to send aid to the affected area, where almost 400 people are also injured, even as scores of dead bodies are still being recovered less than 24 hours after the quake first struck on Friday evening.

National emergency response teams have been having difficulty getting to the disaster areas, mainly due to damage to the airport runway.

Yohanes said about 250m of the 2,250m-long runway at the Palu airport was damaged by the quake.

However, AirNav has since installed markers on the 2,000m undamaged stretch of tarmac for aircraft to land with emergency supplies and rescue personnel.

AirNav has dispatched a team of 11 comprising air traffic controlling personnel as well as communication engineers from the Makassar branch office to provide flight navigation services in Palu, Yohanes added.

Operations at Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie airport have resumed but it will be restricted to flights for emergency, search and rescue, as well as humanitarian aid flights.

Commercial flights may only resume on Oct 4, according to the latest flight notification by AirNav on Saturday afternoon. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

Read more at https://www.thestar.com

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Remand order against Baling MP Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and his older brother extended another six days!

Remand order against Azeez, brother extended
-September 29, 2018 2:32 PM
Baling MP Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.

PUTRAJAYA: The Magistrate’s Court here today extended the remand order against Baling MP Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and his older brother to six days to facilitate investigations into a corruption case.

Magistrate Shah Wira Abdul Halim, in allowing the applications by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), extended the remand order until Oct 5.

However, another suspect, who is a cousin of Azeez, was ordered to be released on bail of RM10,000 in two sureties.

The remand order against the three of them was first issued last Wednesday for investigation under Section 16(a) of the MACC Act 2009.

According to MACC, the MP, who is also an Umno Supreme Council member, was detained at 11am at the MACC headquarters last Tuesday, while the brother was picked up in Sungai Buloh just a few minutes later, and their cousin, who is a company director, at 5.30pm in Putrajaya the same day.

Police are trying to track down a Thai couple who were photographed having sex in a supermarket.

Police hunt supermarket-sex couple

Saturday, 29 Sep 20182:42 PM MYT

BANGKOK (The Nation/Asia News Network): Police are trying to track down a Thai couple who were photographed having sex in a supermarket.

The photos were shared on the SSBN Facebook page, which is known for sharing risqué photos and clips, and quickly went viral on Wednesday night.

The photos show a man wearing jeans and a T-shirt and a woman in a maroon dress engaged in a number of "intimate" acts in what appeared to the aisle selling toilet cleaning products.

Shoppers could be seen in the background on some of the photos. Many people made negative comments on the photos.

Officers from Thailand’s Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) said they are investigating the photos and are trying to track down those involved.

Pol Maj Gen Siriwat Deepai said the couple could be charged with uploading and distributing pornographic material which is punishable by up to five years in jail and a Bt100,000 (RM12,814) fine. – The Nation/Asia News Network

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2018/09/29/police-hunt-supermarketsex-couple/#Ihw7g2oLaCE8oX15.99

Saiful Bukhari booed at PD nomination centre for contesting against Anwar.

Image result for saiful bukhari port dickson

Have you no shame? – Saiful Bukhari booed at PD nomination centre

Saturday, 29 Sep 20181:28 PM MYT

by tarrence tan

PORT DICKSON: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan (pic), who is contesting as an independent candidate in the Port Dickson polls, has experienced a rough start to his campaign with jeers directed at him on nomination day (Sept 29).

When Returning Officer Khairy Maamor announced his candidacy at the nomination centre in the Port Dickson Municipal Council hall, he was loudly booed.

Some even shouted: "Tak tahu malu kah” (Have you have no shame?).

The jeering appear to contradict Pakatan Harapan’s pledge to not resort to personal attacks in the election campaigns. PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution had on Friday (Sept 28) said: “If they throw s*** at us, we will give them flowers”.

“I will advise them, of course. But then, one can appreciate the malicious efforts on his part in the past.

“It is easier to say forgive and move on, but (you) also have to appreciate the concerns of many who were deeply hurt and who suffered in the process.”

Anwar said he was unfazed by the prospects of Saiful using the sodomy allegations as a campaign tactic against him.

“That is his issue, and I don’t want to interfere. I want to focus on my work, and I think the leadership is taking the same decision as well.”

Earlier, the two shared an awkward moment when they briefly shook hands before entering the nomination centre.

“Well, I can’t wait to see him inside. It’s been a long time since I met him,” said Saiful when met by reporters.

Saiful gained notoriety in 2008 when he accused Anwar of sodomising him at a condominium in Damansara, triggering a sensational national court case.

Anwar was subsequently acquitted by the High Court in 2012 of the sodomy charge.

However, the acquittal was overturned by the Court of Appeal in March 2014, and he was slapped with a five-year jail term that stopped him from contesting in the 14th general election.

Following Pakatan Harapan’s landmark victory in GE14, Anwar was released from prison after a full and immediate pardon by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V.

Read more at https://www.thestar

Bloggers Remark on Datuk Seri Amar Singh's Turban is Racist!

Amar Singh calls Raja Petra racist for turban remark

Saturday, 29 Sep 20184:45 PM MYT

by m. kumar

PETALING JAYA: The war of words between Comm Datuk Seri Amar Singh and Raja Petra Kamarudin is worsening, with the Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director describing the blogger's remarks about his turban as "racist".

In a post on his Facebook, Comm Amar said he was surprised Raja Petra resorted to such a remark in a post on his blog, Malaysia Today, on Friday (Sept 26), entitled "Amar Singh’s Turban Must Be Too Tight".

"Even more surprising is when Raja Petra snaps back with a demeaning and derogatory statement to ridicule a person due to race.

"Whatever respect left is lost because racist and discriminatory remarks are the weapons used by the weak," said Comm Amar in his Facebook post on Saturday.

He also labelled Raja Petra a "mercenary writer" and advised him not to be a "lapdog" to anyone.

The exchange of words began on Friday when Comm Amar challenged Raja Petra's claim that the police had stolen RM43.3mil following the raids at various premises linked to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in May.

He said the allegation were "baseless" and "simply ludicrous".This prompted Raja Petra to fire back with the post that made the offensive reference to the senior policeman's turban.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/29/amar-calls-rpk-racist-over-turban-remark/#MJm6bJIZa0QJjq4g.99

PAS Hantar Bantahan Terhadap Anwar, Ini Respon SPR

An American Gymnast Did an Entire Michael Jackson Floor Routine and wow'd the world

This Gymnast Did an Entire Michael Jackson Floor Routine — and Yes, She Moonwalks!

UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi is going viral for her incredible Michael Jackson floor routine, and it's sure to make you want to get up and dance along. At the 2018 Pac 12 Championships, the student athlete performed a standing-ovation worthy floor routine set to a medley of Michael Jackson hits, including "Thriller" and "The Way You Make Me Feel." Katelyn incorporated a killer moonwalk into the middle of her performance, and ended it with an insane drop split that'll have your jaw on the damn floor.
Her flawless and sassy routine landed her a score of 9.95 out of 10, allowing her to tie for first in the competition. Join the 47 million fans who've already admired Katelyn's now-viral MJ-themed routine by watching it above

Detik-detik Tsunami di Donggala Palu Sulawesi Tengah..28/9/2018

Seven candidates vying for the Oct 13 Port Dickson by-election - Isa, Pas Candidate and Saiful contest against Anwar

PD polls: Multi-cornered fight as 7 candidates vie for seat (Updated=

Saturday, 29 Sep 201810:27 AM MYT

by sarban singh and tarrence tan

PORT DICKSON: Seven candidates will be vying for the Oct 13 Port Dickson by-election after one of the eight candidates who filed their nomination papers at the Port Dickson Municipal Council hall here had his papers rejected.

The eight who turned up on nomination day on Saturday (Sept 29) are Pakatan Harapan's Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, PAS' Lt Col (Rtd) Mohd Nazari Mokhtar, Anwar's former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, former Negri Sembilan Mentri Besar Tan Sri Isa Samad, social media personality Stevie Chan Keng Leong, Lau Seck Yan, Kan Chee Yuen and A. Rajendra.

Rajendra was the last to file his papers.

However, his papers were rejected because his proposer was not a registered voter in Port Dickson

Nomination period closed at 10am.

Election Commission returning officer Khary Maamor is expected to make an official announcement on the final list at 11am.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/29/eight-candidates-for-pd-polls/#s3yQsT1MijuOSisV.99

Tun Mahathir Diserbu Ramai Delegasi Dari Pelbagai Negara Selepas Beri Ucapan Di PBB

Parents no longer allowed to give babies names with more than 80 letters and no more short names such as Mohd or Abd

Image result for Jasri Kasim NRD

Short and sweet: Parents no longer allowed to give babies overly-long names

Bernama/ NST
New Straits Times29 September 2018

ARAU: Parents are now prohibited from registering their newborn children with names that have more than 80 letters.

The move was announced today by National Registration Department (NRD) deputy director-general (Operations) Jasri Kasim, who added that the longest name in the NRD’s current records comprises four words and an astounding 78 letters.

He said parents must bear in mind that saddling children with long names may negatively impact them in the future. Problems may arise when the child has to fill an official form with limited space, or when they go overseas, World of Buzz reported.

“The NRD also does not encourage parents to give their children names with unpleasant definitions,” he said when met at the NRD Mobile Convoy programme here.

Jasri also said that short forms of names will no longer be allowed – such as ‘Abd’ and ‘Mohd’, which must now be spelled in full as ‘Abdul’ and ‘Mohamad’. © New Straits Times

A Tenacious Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at The UN hit out against the veto power held by the United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia and France

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Dr M marks return to UNGA with criticism of veto power in Security Council

New Straits Times29 September 2018

NEW YORK: A tenacious Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad marked his return to the United Nations general assembly (UNGA) by lambasting the inaction to democratise the Security Council.

Picking up where he left off 15 years ago, the prime minister was scathing in his remarks as he again hit out against the veto power held by the United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia and France in the council.

He had previously called for the veto power in the Council to not be held by just one permanent member but by at least two powers backed by three non-permanent members.

“I had suggested that the veto should not be by just one permanent member but by at least two powers backed by three non-permanent members of the Security Council.

“The General Assembly should then back the decision with a simple majority. I will not say more.”

In his statement at the assembly’s general debate, Dr Mahathir said Malaysia lauded the UN for its efforts to end poverty, protect the planet and maintain peace and prosperity.

“But I would like to refer to the need for reform in the organisation.

“Five countries on the basis of their victories 70 over years ago cannot claim to have a right to hold the world to ransom forever.

“They cannot take the moral high ground, preaching democracy and regime change in the countries of the world when they deny democracy in this organisation.”

Dr Mahathir has long been a fierce crusader of the abolishment of the veto power held by the five superpowers.

Critics have argued that the veto power is the main cause for international inaction on war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The UN has been the subject of criticism for its unwillingness to abolish the veto system which critics claim was due to the superpowers’ major funding of its operations and programmes.

Dr Mahathir said while the world without the UN would be disastrous, no one should threaten it with financial deprivation.

“We need the UN, we need to sustain it with sufficient funds.”

Dr Mahathir said the world was worse off now than when he last spoke at the UNGA 15 years ago.

“When I last spoke here in 2003, I lamented how the world had lost its way.

“I bemoaned the fact that small countries continued to be at the mercy of the powerful.

“I argued the need for the developing world to push for reform, to enhance capacity building and diversify the economy. We need to maintain control of our destiny.

“But today, 15 years later the world has not changed much. If at all the world is far worse than 15 years ago.

“Today, the world is in a state of turmoil economically, socially and politically," he said.

Dr Mahathir pointed out that

the UN’s role was to end wars between nations.

“There is something wrong with our way of thinking, with our value system. Kill one man, it is murder, kill a million and you become a hero.”

Dr Mahathir said arms manufacturers were selling their weapons to small warring nation for the purpose of testing them and making huge profits.

“They profit shamelessly from the deaths and destructions they cause. Indeed, so-called peace-loving countries often promote this shameful business.” © New Straits Times

The Customs Department has seized more than 4,000 litres of various brands of bootleg liquor in 220 raids in Klang Valley

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4,000 litres of bootleg liquor seized in 220 raids

New Straits Times28 September 2018

PORT KLANG: The Customs Department (JKDM) has seized more than 4,000 litres of various brands of bootleg liquor in 220 raids on several premises selling liquor around the Klang Valley amid a spate of toxic alcohol poisoning that has claimed 40 lives.

Customs director-general, Datuk Seri T.Subromaniam, said in the operation, 34 individuals including three women, some of whom were foreigners, were detained after being suspected of being involved in the sale of bootleg liquor not licensed by the Customs,

“With these arrests, the Customs department wants to warn those who allow their premises to be used for bootleg alcohol production and storing can be charged,” he said.

Subromaniam said this in a press conference at the Selangor Wisma Kastam office in West Port here today.

Also present was Selangor police chief Datuk Mazlan Mansor.

Meanwhile, Subromaniam said in the latest raid carried out on a house in Taman Klang Utama, Klang on Wednesday, the Customs Department foiled a bootleg liquor production syndicate, seizing 1,966 litres of various liquor brands, namely Mandalay, Club 99, Grand Royal, which costs RM260,090.31 in tax payments.

He said during the raid conducted at about 12.30 am, the Customs department also detained a 63-year-old local man.

“We also found several barrels believed to contain methanol and brandy flavours as well as bottling tools,” he said.

Subromaniam said that the case was being investigated under Section 74 (1) of the Excise Act (Act 176) 1976 and Section 135 (1) (d) of the Customs Act 1976.

According to a Health Ministry statement, the number of deaths due to methanol poisoning in Selangor was 24, Kuala Lumpur (11), Perak (four) and Negeri Sembilan (one).

Based on nationality, the deaths comprised two Bangladeshis, two Indian nationals, 11 Myanmar nationals, 10 Nepalese, 11 Malaysians and four others of unknown nationality. - Bernama © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd

Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Shadow Cabinet

Parliament doesn’t need to recognise Shadow Cabinet, says deputy Speaker

Ranjit Singh
Malay Mail28 September 2018

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Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker Nga Kor Ming attends a mock debate involving the Young Presidents’ Organisation Malaysia Chapter (YPO) at Dewan Rakyat in Kuala Lumpur September 28, 2018. — Picture by Yusof Mat IsaMore

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 28 — Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Shadow Cabinet does not require parliamentary recognition as it is only a convention, Parliament Deputy Speaker Nga Kor Ming said today.

“Any Opposition party is free to form a Shadow Cabinet whose purpose is to serve as a check and balance to the government of the day,” Nga told reporters after chairing a mock parliamentary debate session for members of the Young Presidents’ Organisation-Malaysian chapter.

BN recently formed a Shadow Cabinet, the first in Malaysia’s history, led by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi from Umno.

Umno secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the Shadow Cabinet was formed by BN component parties — Umno, MCA, MIC and PBRS — and will see two BN MPs monitoring each federal ministry.

The function of the Shadow Cabinet is to monitor the government and formulate alternative policies.

Most of the positions in the Shadow Cabinet are filled by former ministers who previously held those portfolios when BN was in government.

In the UK, the Shadow Cabinet is listed on the Parliament’s official website, as well as the official spokesmen in smaller political parties on various issues.

MACC reveals it has seized and frozen a total of RM2.5 billion in cash since June.

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RM2.5 billion cash seized since June, says MACC

New Straits Times28 September 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has seized and frozen a total of RM2.5 billion in cash since June.

MACC chief commissioner, Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull, said the seizures were the result of various offences such as bribery, misappropriation, abuse of power, as well as those involving the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) investigation.

“From June to September, we arrested 336 individuals over various corruption and abuse of power offences. From that total, 100 were prosecuted in court.

“The total seizure does not include other items confiscated by MACC, the value of which have yet to be evaluated,” he told a press conference after an interview on Bernama Radio at Wisma Bernama, on Friday.

He said the large seizure and number of arrests showed that corruption is still at a serious level in the country.

Meanwhile, Shukri said the display of the list of the declaration of assets by members of the Cabinet and member of parliament on the MACC portal has been postponed from Oct 1 to 15.

He said this was to enable all Cabinet members and MPs to submit their asset declaration as not all of them had completed three months of service.

“It (the display) was to have been on Oct 1 but we postponed it by two weeks to Oct 15 for all members of the Cabinet and MPs to declare their assets.

“The list of the declaration of assets will be handed over to the Prime Minister (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) and the MACC before we put it up on the MACC portal,” he said.

Shukri said the declaration of assets as of now did not involve state assemblymen and other state-level leaders.

He said the asset declaration form is easy to complete and does not take much time to do so because it is only necessary to fill in certain details such as residential property, vehicle and other assets.

"I hope the process can be expedited over the next two weeks because it is a simple form. The assets have to be declared in keeping with the pledge,” he said.

After Oct 15, once the list of the declaration of assets has been put on display, we will know who has yet to declare their assets although no legal action can be taken against them,” he said.

He said that as of now, only a few Cabinet ministers and MPs have declared their assets. © New Straits Times Press

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s full speech at the 73rd session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly

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Tun Dr Mahathir at United Nations 

Dr Mahathir at 73rd UN General Assembly

NST Online
New Straits Times29 September 2018

* The following is Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s speech at the general debate of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York

Madam President,

1. I would like to join others in congratulating you on your election as the President of the Seventy-Third (73rd) Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

2. I am confident with your wisdom and vast experience; this session will achieve the objectives of the theme for this session. I assure you of Malaysia’s fullest support and cooperation towards achieving these noble goals.

3. Allow me to also pay tribute to your predecessor, His Excellency Miroslav Lajcak, for his dedication and stewardship in successfully completing the work of the 72nd Session of the General Assembly.

4. I commend the Secretary-General and the United Nations staff for their tireless efforts in steering and managing UN activities globally.

5. In particular, I pay tribute to the late Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary-General of the UN from 1997 – 2006, who sadly passed away in August this year. Malaysia had a positively strong and active engagement with the UN during his tenure.

Madam President,

6. The theme of this 73rd Session of General Assembly, “Making the United Nations Relevant to All People: Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable and Sustainable Societies” remains true to the aspiration of our founding fathers. The theme is most relevant and timely. It is especially pertinent in the context of the new Malaysia. The new Government of Malaysia, recently empowered with a strong mandate from its people, is committed to ensure that every Malaysian has an equitable share in the prosperity and wealth of the nation.

7. A new Malaysia emerged after the 14th General Election in May this year. Malaysians decided to change their government, which had been in power for 61 years, i.e., since independence. We did this because the immediate past Government indulged in the politics of hatred, of racial and religious bigotry, as well as widespread corruption. The process of change was achieved democratically, without violence or loss of lives.

8. Malaysians want a new Malaysia that upholds the principles of fairness, good governance, integrity and the rule of law. They want a Malaysia that is a friend to all and enemy of none. A Malaysia that remains neutral and non-aligned. A Malaysia that detests and abhors wars and violence. They also want a Malaysia that will speak its mind on what is right and wrong, without fear or favour. A new Malaysia that believes in co-operation based on mutual respect, for mutual gain. The new Malaysia that offers a partnership based on our philosophy of ‘prosper-thy-neighbour’. We believe in the goodness of cooperation, that a prosperous and stable neighbour would contribute to our own prosperity and stability.

9. The new Malaysia will firmly espouse the principles promoted by the UN in our international engagements. These include the principles of truth, human rights, the rule of law, justice, fairness, responsibility and accountability, as well as sustainability. It is within this context that the new government of Malaysia has pledged to ratify all remaining core UN instruments related to the protection of human rights. It will not be easy for us because Malaysia is multi-ethnic, multireligious, multicultural and multilingual. We will accord space and time for all to deliberate and to decide freely based on democracy.

Malaysia's Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad speak during the General Debate of the 73rd session of the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York. NSTP/Video Grab UNWeb TV

Madam President,

10. When I last spoke here in 2003, I lamented how the world had lost its way. I bemoaned the fact that small countries continued to be at the mercy of the powerful. I argued the need for the developing world to push for reform, to enhance capacity building and diversify the economy. We need to maintain control of our destiny.

11. But today, 15 years later the world has not changed much. If at all the world is far worse than 15 years ago. Today the world is in a state of turmoil

economically, socially and politically.

12. There is a trade war going on between the two most powerful economies. And the rest of the world feel the pain.

13. Socially new values undermine the stability of nations and their people. Freedom has led to the negation of the concept of marriage and families, of moral codes, of respect etc.

14. But the worse turmoil is in the political arena. We are seeing acts of terror everywhere. People are tying bombs to their bodies and blowing themselves up in crowded places. Trucks are driven into holiday crowds. Wars are fought and people beheaded with short knives. Acts of brutality are broadcast to the world live. Masses of people risk their lives to migrate only to be denied asylum, sleeping in the open and freezing to death. Thousands starve and tens of thousands die in epidemics of cholera.

15. No one, no country is safe. Security checks inconvenience travellers. No liquids on planes. The slightest suspicion leads to detention and unpleasant questioning.

16. To fight the “terrorists” all kinds of security measures, all kinds of gadgets and equipment are deployed. Big brother is watching. But the acts of terror continues.

17. Malaysia fought the bandits and terrorists at independence and defeated them. We did use the military. But alongside and more importantly we campaigned to win the hearts of minds of these people.

18. This present war against the terrorist will not end until the root causes are found and removed and hearts and minds are won.

19. What are the root causes? In 1948, Palestinian land was seized to form the state of Israel. The Palestinians were massacred and forced to leave their land. Their houses and farms were seized.

20. They tried to fight a conventional war with help from sympathetic neighbours. The friends of Israel ensured this attempt failed. More Palestinian land was seized. And Israeli settlements were built on more and more Palestinian land and the Palestinians are denied access to these settlements built on their land.

21. The Palestinians initially tried to fight with catapults and stones. They were shot with live bullets and arrested. Thousands are incarcerated.

22. Frustrated and angry, unable to fight a conventional war, the Palestinians resort to what we call terrorism.

23. The world does not care even when Israel breaks international laws, seizing ships carrying medicine, food and building materials in international waters. The Palestinians fired ineffective rockets which hurt no one. Massive retaliations were mounted by Israel, rocketing and bombing hospitals, schools and other buildings, killing innocent civilians including school children and hospital patients. And more.

24. The world rewards Israel, deliberately provoking Palestine by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

25. It is the anger and frustration of the Palestinians and their sympathisers that cause them to resort to what we call terrorism. But it is important to acknowledge that any act which terrify people also constitute terrorism. And states dropping bombs or launching rockets which maim and kill innocent people also terrify people. These are also acts of terrorism.

26. Malaysia hates terrorism. We will fight them. But we believe that the only way to fight terrorism is to remove the cause. Let the Palestinians return to reclaim their land. Let there be a state of Palestine. Let there be justice and the rule of law. Warring against them will not stop terrorism. Nor will out-terrorising them succeed.

27. We need to remind ourselves that the United Nations Organisation, like the League of Nations before, was conceived for the noble purpose of ending wars between nations.

28. Wars are about killing people. Modern wars are about mass killings and total destruction countrywide. Civilised nations claim they abhor killing for any reason. When a man kills, he commits the crime of murder. And the punishment for murder may be death.

29. But wars, we all know encourage and legitimise killing. Indeed the killings are regarded as noble, and the

killers are hailed as heroes. They get medals stuck to their chest and statues erected in their honour, have their names mentioned in history books.

30. There is something wrong with our way of thinking, with our value system. Kill one man, it is murder, kill a million and you become a hero. And so we still believe that conflict between nations can be resolved with war.

31. And because we still do, we must prepare for war. The old adage says “to have peace, prepare for war”. And we are forever preparing for war, inventing more and more destructive weapons. We now have nuclear bombs, capable of destroying whole cities. But now we know that the radiation emanating from the explosion will affect even the country using the bomb. A nuclear war would destroy the world.

32. This fear has caused the countries of Europe and North America to maintain peace for over 70 years. But that is not for other countries. Wars in these other countries can help live test the new weapons being invented.

33. And so they sell them to warring countries. We see their arms in wars fought between smaller countries. These are not world wars but they are no less destructive. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, whole countries devastated and nations bankrupted because of these fantastic new weapons.

34. But these wars give handsome dividends to the arms manufacturers and traders. The arms business is now the biggest business in the world. They profit shamelessly from the deaths and destructions they cause. Indeed, so-called peace-loving countries often promote this shameful business.

35. Today’s weapons cost millions. Fighter jets cost about 100 million dollars. And maintaining them cost tens of millions. But the poor countries are persuaded to buy them even if they cannot afford. They are told their neighbours or their enemies have them. It is imperative that they too have them.

36. So, while their people starve and suffer from all kinds of deprivations, a huge percentage of their budget is allocated to the purchase of arms. That their buyers may never have to use them bothers the purveyors not at all.

Madam President,

37. In Myanmar, Muslims in Rakhine state are being murdered, their homes torched and a million refugees had been forced to flee, to drown in the high seas, to live in makeshift huts, without water or food, without the most primitive sanitation. Yet the authorities of Myanmar including a Nobel Peace Laureate deny that this is happening. I believe in non-interference in the internal affairs of nations. But does the world watch massacres being carried out and do nothing? Nations are independent. But does this mean they have a right to massacre their own people, because they are independent?

Madam President,

38. On the other hand, in terms of trade, nations are no longer independent. Free trade means no protection by small countries of their infant industries. They must abandon tariff restrictions and open their countries to invasion by products of the rich and the powerful. Yet the simple products of the poor are subjected to clever barriers so that they cannot penetrate the market of the rich. Malaysian palm oil is labelled as dangerous to health and the estates are destroying the habitat of animals. Food products of the rich declare that they are palm oil free. Now palm diesel are condemned because they are decimating virgin jungles. These caring people forget that their boycott is depriving hundreds of thousands of people from jobs and a decent life.

39. We in Malaysia care for the environment. Some 48% of our country remains virgin jungle. Can our detractors claim the same for their own countries? Madam President,

40. Malaysia is committed to sustainable development. We have taken steps, for example in improving production methods to ensure that our palm oil production is sustainable. By December 2019, the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) standard will become mandatory. This will ensure that every drop of palm oil produced in Malaysia will be certified sustainable by 2020.

Madam P


41. All around the world, we observe a dangerous trend to inward-looking nationalism, of governments pandering to populism, retreating from international collaborations and shutting their borders to free movements of people, goods and services even as they talk of a borderless world, of free trade. While globalisation has indeed brought us some benefits, the impacts have proven to be threatening to the independence of small nations. We cannot even talk or move around without having our voices and movement recorded and often used against us. Data on everyone is captured and traded by powerful nations and their corporations.

42. Malaysia lauds the UN in its endeavours to end poverty, protect our planet and try to ensure everyone enjoys peace and prosperity. But I would like to refer to the need for reform in the organisation. Five countries on the basis of their victories 70 over years ago cannot claim to have a right to hold the world to ransom forever. They cannot take the moral high ground, preaching democracy and regime change in the countries of the world when they deny democracy in this organisation.

43. I had suggested that the veto should not be by just one permanent member but by at least two powers backed by three non-permanent members of the Security Council. The General Assembly should then back the decision with a simple majority. I will not say more.

44. I must admit that the world without the UN would be disastrous. We need the UN, we need to sustain it with sufficient funds. No one should threaten it with financial deprivation.

Madam President

45. After 15 years and at 93, I return to this podium with the heavy task of bringing the voice and hope of the new Malaysia to the world stage. The people of Malaysia, proud of their recent democratic achievement, have high hopes that around the world – we will see peace, progress and prosperity. In this we look toward the UN to hear our pleas.

I thank you, Madam President. © New Straits Times Press

Friday, 28 September 2018

Sidang media JSJK Bukit Aman Dato Amar Singh

CCID chief to RPK: Police did not steal RM43mil, come here and lodge a report

CCID chief to RPK: Police did not steal RM43mil, come here and lodge a report

Friday, 28 Sep 20182:01 PM MYT

by farik zolkepli

Raja Petra Kamarudin. -filepic

KUALA LUMPUR: The police did not steal RM43.3mil following raids at various premises linked to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in May as alleged by a blogger.

Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director Comm Datuk Seri Amar Singh said the allegation, made by blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, is "simply ludicrous".

"I will not pay heed to such a writer. He has branded himself an 'investigative journalist' but he's more like a mercenary writer.

"His allegation is baseless. If he (Raja Petra) really has credible information, then be brave enough to lodge a report in Malaysia. Don't hide behind a cyber curtain," Comm Amar told a press conference at the CCID headquarters on Friday (Sept 28).

Setting the record straight, he said he had initially announced during a May 25 press conference that some RM114mil was seized from a unit at Pavilion Residences.

"However, after all the cash had been rounded up from six premises linked to the former prime minister, the tallied amount of cash seized was RM116mil, as announced during my June 20 press conference.

"He (Najib) then lodged a report that some RM160mil was actually seized but he could not substantiate it," he said.

Comm Amar said he was 100% sure that the cash that was recovered from the raids was the same amount seized by the police.

"I am not taking lightly any party accusing the police of stealing money.

"I urge Raja Petra to come forward and lodge a report. If the report turns out to be false, then he will face the full brunt of the law," he said.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/28/police-did-not-steal-rm43mil-come-here-lodge-a-report/#1TlQPG2sHOIVqjFt.99

Six Immigration officers manning an exit point at KLIA were arrested in a sting operation by MACC for allowing hardcorde criminals to enter/exit

MACC nabs Immigration officers who allegedly allow hardcore criminals through

Friday, 28 Sep 201812:51 PM MYT

by simon khoo

KUALA LUMPUR: Six Immigration officers manning an exit point were arrested in a sting operation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for alleged corruption and abuse of power.

Also detained during the raid at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) early Friday (Sept 28), in an operation dubbed Ops Silent, was an agent who was working in cahoots with the Immigration officers.

Sources said all the suspects were believed to be assisting some 15 human smuggling syndicates to enable blacklisted locals and foreigners, including hardcore criminals, to enter and exit via KLIA and other international airports in the country.

So far, some 200 people, many with dubious records and backgrounds, were being “smuggled” into the country every month by these syndicates, the sources allege.

In return, they will are paid “hefty amounts of cash” by these syndicates and split them with agents and middlemen, according to sources.

Acting on a tip-off, anti-graft officers traced these officers through their luxurious lifestyle. Some of them have been raking in about RM300,000 a month in ill-gotten gains.

A handful was suspected to have pocketed RM275,000 in just two days to finance their lavish lifestyles.

Sources said payments would be banked into their proxies’ bank accounts after each successful entry.

Kuala Lumpur MACC director Razaliah Abd Rahman confirmed the arrests but declined to elaborate.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/28/macc-nabs-immigration-officers-allow-hardcore-criminals-through/#0mF70K6FhjxoDVG5.99

Grab Malaysia said its meal delivery service GrabFoodMy has resumed normal operation after riders boycotted

GrabFoodMy delivery back on track after riders staged boycott

Friday, 28 Sep 20182:58 PM MYT

y angelin yeoh

In hindsight, Grab Malaysia feels that it should have clarified and explained the benefits clearly and in length. — Grab Malaysia

Grab Malaysia said its meal delivery service GrabFoodMy has resumed normal operation after it was disrupted due to its riders staging a boycott yesterday.

A Grab Malaysia spokesperson also stated that the company has resolved the matter with its riders amicably and the reason for the boycott was because the rider’s incentive scheme was revised.

According to a screenshot circulating on social media which has yet to be verified, the new incentive scheme pays the rider RM5 for each delivery. The riders will earn a RM10 bonus if they complete five deliveries in a day but the bonus goes up to RM90 if 30 deliveries are completed a day. There is also a RM3 bonus for every delivery completed at certain areas and times.

A check on Facebook group GrabFood Rider Malaysia showed that some members got upset after the company changed the incentive payment from RM10 per trip to RM5. Members on the group created hashtags like #BoikotGrabFood and urged other riders to stop delivering food for the company.
“We recently revised our incentive scheme for our GrabFood riders, which in truth, would have benefited them more. However, this gesture did not go well with our riders as we would have liked to,” the company said in a statement.

“Perhaps we should have clarified and explained the benefits clearly and in length. However, their disappointment and comments did not go unnoticed, as we have reviewed the incentives accordingly, with proper communications and explanations in place to help our riders understand the revised scheme much better.”

Because of the boycott, food deliveries were delayed and customers took to social media to complain about it.

“We apologise to our GrabFood riders for the lack of discretion on our part and will do our best to see to your needs. At the same time, for our customers, we are doing the necessary to ensure that your grievances and refunds are made in proper order,” Grab Malaysia said.

We have contacted Grab Malaysia for more comments.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2018/09/28/grab-says-has-resolved-boycott-issue-with-grabfoodmy-riders/#BVZTdAcIG28DYihV.99

Sarawak Report Slams the Billion Dollar Whale authors for choosing known BN supporter, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, to produce the movie

Sarawak Report: Wait for our 1MDB movie, not the one by a ‘BN supporter’
Friday, 28 Sep 20183:00 PM MYT
by mei mei chu

PETALING JAYA: The Sarawak Report has slammed the Billion Dollar Whale authors for choosing a known Barisan Nasional supporter, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, to produce the movie adaptation of their book.

“The people who wrote a book alleging that Jho Low (fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho) ‘fooled a prime minister, the banks and the world’ have chosen a BN supporting actress Michelle Yeoh to produce it!” Sarawak Report tweeted Friday (Sept 28).

“Suggest people watch the other upcoming film The Sarawak Report for the real story!” it added.

The tweet follows a series of blogposts where the whistleblower website editor Clare Rewcastle Brown alleged that Billion Dollar Whale co-author Tom Wright had received sensitive 1MDB documents from her source without crediting The Sarawak Report despite promises to do so.

Rewcastle Brown also revealed plans to option her book “The Sarawak Report: The Inside Story of the 1MDB Exposé” for a movie.

The latest tweet comes hours after Wright announced that Ivanhoe Pictures had acquired film rights to the book with Yeoh slated to co-produce the movie.

Ivanhoe Pictures, an SKL Global company, co-financed and co-produced Crazy Rich Asians, which also stars Yeoh as Eleanor Young.

Yeoh had previously shared a photo of her reading Billion Dollar Whale on Facebook, which she described as a “fascinating book”.

Malaysians slammed her for her continuous support of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Barisan before the 14th general election.

During the 13th general election in 2013, she openly expressed support for then Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and continued to defend her decision despite the criticism.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/28/sarawak-report-wait-for-our-1mdb-movie/#AUCLfcuvd3TiXRmR.99

Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh has been branded a "cheap opportunist" after she said she will be producing a movie about Jho Low and the 1MDB scandal.

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PETALING JAYA: Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh has been branded a "cheap opportunist" after it was revealed that she will be producing a movie about Jho Low and the 1MDB scandal.

Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) executive director Cynthia Gabriel said that opportunists like her had no place in the new Malaysia.

"Mana ada (where's her) integrity? Before regime change she was all over Najib and co...," she said in a tweet on Friday (Sept 28).

Tom Wright, the co-author of the book Billion Dollar Whale had announced that Ivanhoe Pictures had acquired film rights to the book, with Yeoh slated to co-produce the movie.

Yeoh had recently shared a photo of herself reading Billion Dollar Whale on Facebook, which she described as a "fascinating book".

Malaysians slammed her as she had expressed support for former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Barisan Nasional before the 14th General Election.

During the 13th General Election in 2013, she openly expressed support for then prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and continued to defend her decision despite wide criticism.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/28/c4-brands-michelle-yeoh-a-cheap-opportunist-over-1mdb-movie-producer-role/#3vkKKGAWLUgMLTJV.99

Chenderoh assemblyman Datuk Zainun Mat Noor and 11 other sustained injuries in accident near Tapah

Chenderoh rep Zainun Mat Noor hurt in NSE accident

Friday, 28 Sep 201811:40 AM MYT

by manjit kaur

IPOH: Chenderoh assemblyman Datuk Zainun Mat Noor sustained injuries when the car he was driving met with an accident at KM329 of the North South Expressway near Tapah.

Eleven other people also sustained light injuries in the 6.20am incident involving three vehicles on Friday (Sept 28).

The 62-year-old was heading to Kuala Lumpur for the Umno General Assembly when the incident happened.

Tapah OCPD Supt Wan Azharuddin Wan Ismail said the 33-year-old driver of a lorry carrying porcelain lost control of its vehicle and crashed in the middle of the expressway.

"The assemblyman is receiving treatment at Tapah Hospital's emergency observation ward," Supt Wan Azharuddin added

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/28/chenderoh-rep-zainun-mat-noor-hurt-in-nse-accident/#fulJC45uhLR96G2r.99

The World in Awe of Tun Dr. Mahathir as He Took The Podium at Asia Society, Australian PM Called Him The Patron Saint of Political Comebacks

Dr Mahathir, the 'patron saint of political comebacks'

Friday, 28 Sep 20188:23 AM MYT

In this Aug 20, 2018 file photo, Dr Mahathir speaks to reporters during a news conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. - (How Hwee Young/Pool Photo via AP, File)

NEW YORK (AP): For a few seconds Thursday, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad looked his age.

The 93-year-old once and current Prime Minister of Malaysia wobbled a bit as he clasped the railing, cautiously mounted the four stairs leading to the stage in the bowels of the Asia Society and shuffled over to the podium.

Then Dr Mahathir, called a strongman by his critics so often that he has a joke ready about it, faced the packed auditorium. He smiled broadly and began talking. And the years, maybe even a decade or two, seemed to melt away.

First came the speech: 20 minutes without a single note, relying on the wealth of experience that led one audience member to address him as "the elder statesman of Asia _ actually, the elder statesman of the planet."

But the Prime Minister had only just begun.

Dr Mahathir, attending the U.N. General Assembly this week as Malaysia's leader for the first time in nearly a generation, cracked jokes that drew genuine belly laughs from the capacity audience. He rattled off figures related to debt and spending and demonstrated a fluency with government and international policies that dates back decades.

He converted currencies on the fly. He spoke with ease about the importance of social media in his upset win in May elections that led to the nation's first change of party power since independence from Britain in 1957.

After more than an hour of back and forth with the audience, he looked disappointed that it had ended. His demeanour was that of a man who relished returning to a job he never expected to have again.

Asked about his physical and political stamina, he said: "I don't really know." He acknowledged two heart operations and the occasional cough, "but I have my doctor following me everywhere I go."

All the while, he tapped into a deep vein of knowledge and experience won from being a high-level political player in Asia and the world for the last seven decades.

Though he dodged the occasional thorny topic - a question about gay rights and child marriage in Malaysia, for instance - he deftly handled almost everything thrown at him.

He talked about what it was like for countries other than China and the United States to be caught in the middle of the behemoths' growing trade war (uncomfortable). He spoke of the absolute necessity of free sea passage so that Malaysia can pursue its trading lifeblood, and of the region's disputes with China over control of the South China Sea.

Asked about Chinese President Xi Jinping's hallmark "Belt and Road Initiative" to build ports, highways and other trade-related infrastructure, Dr Mahathir said he had long ago suggested the rail part of it. He'd proposed that Beijing build a railway line with bigger, longer trains from China to the West: "The idea is not new to us."

His remarks were peppered with jokes. The funniest one - "I have been known as a dictator, but I don't think any dictator would have resigned" - was so good he used it twice, and some of the jokes had the feeling of being well-worn campaigning set pieces.

But unlike a lot of politician's attempts at humour, they worked - repeatedly - and he drew energy as his moments in command of the stage passed. A smattering of his quips:

- On what he said was the previous government's slogan, "Cash is King": It's "practically admitting to the world that bribery is OK."

- On US President Donald Trump: "We are still trying to figure out what is it that the president of the United States wants, because sometimes he changes his mind three times a day."

- On whether Malaysia would one day allow dual citizenship: "Well, we think you should make up your mind."

He focused on Malaysia's corruption problem, which he almost entirely blamed on the government that he drove from power in May.

Dr Mahathir's designated successor, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, and Dr Mahathir put aside their 20-year-old political feud to help their alliance win those elections.


Dr Mahathir rose again to Prime Minister amid anger over a massive corruption scandal involving the 1MDB state fund, which is under investigation in the United States and other countries for allegations of cross-border embezzlement and money laundering. Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, 65, has accused Dr Mahathir's government of seeking political vengeance.

When Rudd asked impishly about when the next elections would be, Dr Mahathir seemed almost wistful. He smiled and said, "five years from now."

But this time, the man who has lived through nearly a century hastened to add, he plans to retire for good. - AP

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/28/dr-mahathir-the-patron-saint-of-political-comebacks/#Ei3qItQPOo1UtGAB.99
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