Friday, 28 February 2014


Recently I went for a business meeting and stumbled upon one of my favorite local bands performing at The Heritage Club, located at Royale Chulan Hotel.  

NRG and Skyhigh in my books are one for the best local bands. Their performance and entertainment value is comparable to any International Band that has set foot in Malaysia. I have been at The Royale Chulan 4 times in the last 10 days since i found them! They truly made their fame when peforming several times at Hard Rock Cafe. 


NRG… otherwise known as Name, Reputation & Glamour or ... New Rock Group or ... in the Malaysian national language Nama, Rupa & Gaya (Name, Image & Style)… whatever suits your ears!

Formed in 1991, this Kuala Lumpur based pop-rock group NRG, as its name suggests, is a highly energetic band. Performing in a variety of languages, NRG's repertoire includes current chart busters, which makes them a hit with crowds wherever they play. 

In addition, with their very own blend of raw power and slick showmanship, NRG continues to be the band of choice in the highly competitive arena of live commercial rock.With much of their talent coming from the big city, it is not surprising that the group's gigs are predominantly in China, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, where they have played in a variety of pubs, entertainment outlets and hotel functions as well as national TV when they can find the time. The members of the band have also performed on the international stage in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, as well as neighboring ASEAN countries.

A key feature of NRG's wide appeal is their versatility and the unique way they combine their talents to sing, dance, and humor their way through a performance. This combined with their close rapport with audiences of all backgrounds makes NRG a very entertaining package indeed.

'NRG Band' consists of Jasmin, Malisa (vocals), Daniel (vocals), Amy (bass guitar and vocals), John Boy (guitar and vocals), Ano (drums) and Raja Arif (keyboards) - a dynamic and energetic performance not to be missed! 

Their lead  female singer  Malisa J launched her single "Curiga"  last year, a really nice catchy tune

The Heritage Club is a cosy place to chill out. They sort of have three areas. One area where guest can enjoy the band at the same time watch their favorite sports on television. You can have good view of the television and the band.

The second area is right in front of the band where the sound is awesome and you can really enjoy the band. No Television screens in this area so that you can concentrate on the performances. However this area can get a bit warm when it's crowded.

The Third area is at the bar area where all the regulars seem to hang out. You will see different groups hanging out at the back of the bar and the sides. You can easily have a conversation or simply enjoy the music or go right upfront and sing along with the band. The choice is yours, which spot to pick at the bar.

Look out for their friendly Operations Manager Bob , who will take care of any special requirement you may have, like a birthday or any other event.

Royale Chulan Hotel Lobby Area



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President of the Philippines, HE Benigno S Aquino III Warmly Received for his first state visit to Malaysia

Welcoming the President of the Philippines, HE Benigno S Aquino III for his first state visit to Malaysia since he assumed the presidency in 2010. I hope this visit will further fortify Malaysia-Philippines friendship, especially after my official visit to Manila in 2012. We had a bilateral meeting where we discussed strengthening our ties as well as venturing into investment opportunities, says PM Najib Tun Razak

Published: Friday February 28, 2014 MYT 4:46:00 PM
Updated: Friday February 28, 2014 MYT 4:51:36 PM

Aquino: Thanks for help in Mindanao, Typhoon Haiyan

PUTRAJAYA:  President Benigno Aquino thanked the Malaysian Government for facilitating and hosting the peace talks between his government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

"The successful conclusion of the Mindanao peace process finds root in the determination of both our peoples to strengthen the foundations of peace and justice.

"I wish to thank Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Najib Razak for the significant support your government has demonstrated in facilitating and hosting the peace talks between my government and the MILF," he said in joint statement after holding talks with Najib here on Friday.

Malaysia has been the facilitator of the Mindanao peace process since 2001.

Aquino also praised Malaysia's commitment and contribution in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

"I speak on behalf of our people when I say the Filipinos will never forget an act of kindness.

"On behalf of my countrymen, please accept my sincerest gratitude, Terima Kasih, Maraming Salamat (Thank You)," he said.

Aquino arrived on Thursday for a two-day official visit.

34-year old Immigration officer dies this morning in superbike crash

Superbiker dies in crash

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KANGAR: A 34-year old Immigration officer died on the spot this morning after his superbike crashed into a Perodua Kembara who made a U-turn.

The 9.45am incident took place at Jalan Arau-Kangar near Taman Repoh here.
Mohd Anis Amran who lived at Jalan Sungai Batu Pahat here and worked at the Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah, Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex was riding a Honda CBR 1000 RR when the accident took place.
The body was sent to Hospital Tuanku Fauziah here for a post-mortem.

The bike belonging to the victim after the accident -- Pix by Amran Hamid

Read more: Superbiker dies in crash - Latest - New Straits Timeshttp://www.nst.com.my/latest/superbiker-dies-in-crash-1.495092#ixzz2ubmg4VNK

Security guard gets jail, rotan for raping sister

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AMPANG: A security guard reacted calmly after the Sessions Court today sentenced him to 16 years jail and 20 strokes of rotan on two charges of rape against his sister.

Accused Asri Arshad, 28, was ordered by judge Manira Mohd Noor to serve the jail term beginning today after he pleaded guilty to raping the 22-year-old victim.
Asri first raped the victim at their house at Taman Ukay Bistari here, around 8am on February 14.
Two days later, he raped her again at the same place‎.
In the first incident, the victim was coming out of the bathroom after finishing her bath when Asri pulled her into a room and forced her to take off her towel.
When she resisted, Asri hit her in her stomach and then raped her.
In the second incident, the victim was sleeping with her elder sister when Asri entered the bedroom and raped her.
Each offence is punishable with imprisonment up to 30 years and whipping as provided under Section 376(3) of the Penal Code.
Asri, who was clad in T-shirt and pants, pleaded for a lenient sentence because he had to look after his mother and sister who are not working.
However, deputy public prosecutor Noor Fadzlin Abd Zawawi urged the court to impose a deterrent penalty because Asri is the brother to the victim and should have protected his sister from harm.
"The accused's act is akin to "harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi" because he raped his sister.
"I urge the court to impose a heavy sentence so that the accused would realise the error of his ways because it does not only involve his future but that of his sister," Noor Fadzlin said.
Manira then sentenced Asri to eight years jail and ten strokes of rotan for each of the two offences.
She ordered the jail term to run consecutively from today.

Sharnaaz mahu Lisdawati, Fauzi minta maaf Dan Menjelaskan Semua Kepada Harian Metro


Lisdawati ingin bersemuka Sharnaaz selepas pulang umrah

Malaysia's 50 Richest Ranked By Forbes

Malaysia’s 50 Richest

Net Worth Calculated February 2014
Rank-Name-Net Worth-Age-Origin of Wealth


Robert Kuok
$11,500 M 90 palm oil/shipping/property
Ananda Krishnan
$11,300 M 75 telecoms
Lim Kok Thay & family
$6,500 M 62 casinos
Quek Leng Chan
$6,400 M 70 banking/real estate
Teh Hong Piow
$5,600 M 83 banking
Lee Shin Cheng
$4,300 M 74 palm oil/real estate
Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary
$3,100 M 62 diversified
Yeoh Tiong Lay
$2,700 M 84 construction/power/real estate
Tiong Hiew King
$1,800 M 78 timber/media
Vincent Tan
$1,600 M 62 diversified
Shahril & Shahriman Shamsuddin
$1,400 M - oil & gas
Tan Heng Chew & family
$1,350 M 66 motor vehicles
Surin Upatkoon
$1,300 M 64 telecoms/lotteries/insurance
Chen Lip Keong
$1,250 M 66 casinos
Mokhzani Mahathir
$1,200 M 53 oil & gas services
Danny Tan Chee Sing
$1,150 M 58 real estate
Goh Peng Ooi
$1,100 M 59 software
Lee Oi Hian & Lee Hau Hian
$1,000 M - palm oil/chemicals/real estate
Lim Kang Hoo
$975 M 59 real estate
Yaw Teck Seng & Yaw Chee Ming
$950 M - forestry
Azman Hashim
$940 M 74 banking
Kuan Kam Hon
$880 M 66 synthetic gloves
Jeffrey Cheah
$835 M 68 real estate
Desmond Lim Siew Choon
$775 M 53 real estate
Lau Cho Kun
$760 M 78 palm oil/real estate
G. Gnanalingam
$750 M 69 ports
Kamarudin Meranun
$735 M 52 airlines
Anthony Fernandes
$650 M 49 airlines
Ninian Mogan Lourdenadin
$600 M 60 real estate/retail
Ngau Boon Keat
$590 M 65 oil & gas
Syed Azman Ibrahim
$560 M 53 transport/motor vehicles
Chia Song Kun & family
$475 M 64 food production
Ahmayuddin bin Ahmad
$440 M 57 ports
Lim Kuang Sia
$430 M 61 rubber gloves
Ling Chiong Ho
$425 M 62 ships/timber
Loh Kian Chong
$410 M 37 motor vehicles/palm oil
Lim Wee Chai
$370 M 56 rubber gloves
Chong Chook Yew
$345 M 91 real estate
Leong Hoy Kum
$340 M 56 real estate
Ong Leong Huat
$335 M 69 finance/real estate
Teoh Beng Seng
$315 M 55 retail
Khoo Kay Peng
$310 M 75 diversified
Gooi Seong Lim
$300 M 64 property/construction
Abdul Hamed Sepawi
$285 M 64 timber
Kua Sian Kooi
$265 M 61 insurance
Tan Chin Nam
$240 M 87 real estate
Lim Han Weng
$235 M 61 oil & gas
Lim Nyuk Sang
$230 M 61 palm oil
Stanley Thai
$225 M 53 rubber gloves
Robert Tan
$220 M 61 real estate
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