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Hindu Sangam rejects Muslim preacher’s apology, wants Jakim to monitor ustads

Hindu Sangam rejects Muslim preacher’s apology, wants Jakim to monitor ustads

Ustaz Shahul Hamid Seeni Mohd has no right to condemn other religions to make his own sound good, the Malaysian Hindu Sangam said today, urging the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) to monitor its preachers.
Its president Datuk R.S. Mohan Shan said Shahul's excuse that he had made the offensive remarks behind closed doors was a flimsy one and did not mean it was a licence to condemn another religion.
"He said it was done behind closed doors but that does not mean you can condemn other religions. So he knew it was wrong and yet said it," Mohan told The Malaysian Insider.
"He had no right to do that. He could have said good things about his own religion but he cannot condemn other religions to make his sound good."
In a video which went viral earlier this week, Shahul was heard telling Muslims to boycott curry powder products from "Hindu companies" such as Alagappa's and Baba's.
"If you go to the Alagappa's factory near Permatang Pauh, you will see a statue (goddess) at the entrance, and the tongue is out. Why is the tongue out? Because the goddess must taste all the curry powder before they sell it," Shahul had said during a "halal and haram" forum in Shah Alam in February.
The video sparked the fury of Indian groups such as MIC, PPP and MHS who lodged more than 400 police reports nationwide.
Hundreds of people also protested in Brickfields yesterday, calling for action to be taken against the Muslim preacher for his remarks.
Shahul, upon learning that the clip with his incendiary remark was uploaded on social media, posted an apology on his Facebook account on Tuesday and also released a video clip apologising for his remarks.
He said that he had not realised anyone would upload the video as he had made the statement in a closed-door event, adding that it was not for public viewing.
"I may have spoken certain words during my speech that could be interpreted as an insult to the Indian community," he said in his apology video.
“I apologise for any offensive remarks that might have insulted them and others. I will assure you this will never happen again.”
However, Mohan said Hindu Sangam would not accept the apology and added that he had written to both the Inspector-General of Police and Jakim to take action against Shahul for insulting the Hindu religion.
He said what made matters worse was that Shahul was a Muslim preacher and not an ordinary layman whose words would not carry much weight.
"He is a professional, an ustaz. Nowhere in the Quran does it say that you can condemn others to raise yourself. You can't just say whatever you want and then apologise and assume that it will go away.
"We have sent a letter to Jakim to ask for a dialogue. We want them to also monitor their ustads and what they are saying," he added.

Urging the police to take action against Shahul, Mohan said if the authorities had penalised former Perkasa deputy president Zulkifli Noordin for his offensive remarks towards Hindus, others would be careful with their words.
"We want to tell the IGP that this is happening too frequently. But no action has been taken against the likes of Zulkifli Noordin.
"But if others had insulted Islam, action will be immediately taken against those who did it. Why isn't the same thing done to people who insult other religions?" he asked. – July 31, 2014.

Liverpool saw off Premier League champions Manchester City on penalties after full time ended 2-2

Manchester City 2-2 Liverpool (1-3 on pens): Premier League's top two play out thriller


Liverpool saw off Premier League champions Manchester City on penalties in the International Champions Cup after a thrilling 90 minutes had ended 2-2.

Stevan Jovetic scored twice, once either side of a fine Jordan Henderson strike, while Raheem Sterling equalised late on to force penalties.

Jovetic and Edin Dzeko combined to cut open the heart of the Liverpool defence early on, but the Montenegro striker was forced too wide, and after recovering to put the ball through Martin Kelly's legs he went to ground too easily and the move fizzled out.

Jovetic then put a free header from a corner over the bar, before Coutinho fired a low shot just wide for Liverpool at the other end.

Manchester City 2-2 Liverpool (1-3 on pens): Premier League's top two play out thriller

Rickie Lambert should have opened the scoring on 15 minutes but his close-range header from Jordan Henderson's cross was straight at Willy Caballero.

Bruno Zuculini then found himself through on goal following some fine interplay in the midfield, but he went for an ambitious chip from outside the area which was easily fielded by Brad Jones.

City thought they had taken the lead on 25 minutes but Dzeko was marginally offside, so his low strike was ruled out.

Jesus Navas, impressive throughout the first half, got the better of half-time substitute Jack Robinson on City's right-hand side only for his cross to be cut out by Sebastian Coates. Robinson recovered to head away the resulting corner, but was then beaten again by Navas on the right, allowing the Spaniard to put in a cross which evaded Gerrard's attempts to clear and allowed Jovetic to poke home from close range.

City could have had a penalty shortly afterwards when Robinson handled a Jovetic chip, but Liverpool used that stroke of luck to their advantage and quickly equalised.

Raheem Sterling ran straight at the heart of the City defence and picked out Sturridge. The striker was well tackled by Kolarov, but the ball fell straight into the path of the on-rushing Jordan Henderson, who stroked the ball past Joe Hart with power and precision.

Zuculini had a great chance to give City the lead again, but the youngster somehow fired his shot against the crossbar from five yards out.

But Jovetic did make it 2-1 when Iheanacho's low shot was blocked by Coates, which allowed the Montengro striker to instinctively toe-poke home.

The Reds had a good chance to level when Sterling got in behind the City defence, but after he cut the ball back to the edge of the area Coutinho could only slide his shot wide of the post.

Sterling had been his side's best player since coming on at the break, and it was he who got the equaliser five minutes from time. Sturridge did well to hold the ball up in the corner before picking out Lucas on the edge of the box. The Brazilian played it first time to Sterling, who took the ball into the box and slotted past Hart with aplomb.

Penalties followed a thrilling second half, but the first three kicks were missed in barely credible circumstances.

Aleksandar Kolarov blazed his spot-kick, the first of the night, well over the bar, only for Daniel Sturridge to step up next and produce a carbon copy.

Even Yaya Toure then saw his effort saved by the legs of Simon Mignolet, before Emre Can slotted his home. Mignolet saved again from Jesus Navas, who had enjoyed a fine night prior, as Jordan Henderson gave his side a 2-0 lead in the shoot-out.

Iheanachoo produced an excellent penalty to get his side off the mark, but Lucas converted next to give Liverpool the victory, and two points towards their International Champions Cup campaign.

The Reds are top of their group by one point, and could even face Manchester United in the final on Monday if results go both sides' way.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) berisiko kalah manakala PAS pula dilenyapkan daripada Selangor sekiranya pilihan raya mengejut diadakan, kata DAP

PAS kalah besar jika Selangor adakan pilihan raya mengejut, kata DAP

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) berisiko kalah manakala PAS pula dilenyapkan daripada Selangor sekiranya pilihan raya mengejut diadakan untuk menyelesaikan isu penggantian Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim sebagai menteri besar, kata DAP.
Pengerusi DAP Selangor Tony Pua berkata PR– yang terdiri daripada PKR, PAS dan DAP – akan mengalami 'kekalahan besar' sekiranya pilihan raya negeri diadakan, tetapi memberi amaran PAS akan kalah lebih besar.
Amaran ini berikutan presiden parti Islam itu yang menyokong Khalid untuk kekal sebagai menteri besar sementara parti Khalid, PKR, mahu menggantikannya dengan Presiden Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.
"Desakan PAS untuk menyokong Khalid akan mendorong kepada pilihan raya mengejut, yang akhirnya akan menyebabkan PAS kalah besar, ataupun kalah semua kerusi yang dimenanginya dengan susah payah. Ini kemungkinan besar hanya akan mengembalikan semula Selangor kepada Umno," kata Pua dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.
Beliau berkata memandangkan PKR dan DAP mahu menggantikan Khalid, sementara PAS bersama dengan sokongan Umno inginkan Khalid kekalkan jawatannya, oleh itu Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) akan terbahagi dua tanpa majoriti yang jelas.
"Dalam situasi sebegini, Khalid mungkin akan mendapat kebenaran daripada Sultan Selangor untuk mengadakan pilihan raya mengejut."
Pua berkata, PKR dan DAP akan hilang 3% undi Melayu dan 10% undi bukan Melayu di 7 daripada 30 kerusi DUN.
Menurut Pua, PKR akan kehilangan Batu Tiga, Ijok, Kota Anggerik, Taman Medan dan Pelabuhan Klang, manakala DAP akan hilang kerusi Kuala Kubu Baru dan Sungai Pelek.
PKR akan hanya tinggal 10 kerusi dan DAP 13 kerusi.
Namun di kawasan kubu kuat PAS yang mendapat sokongan Melayu, menurut Pua parti itu juga akan hilang 7 daripada 15 kerusi DUN yang dimenanginya semasa Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU13) lalu.
Kerusi DUN terbabit adalah Sabak, Gombak Setia, Dusun Tua, Selat Kajang, Sijangkang, Morib dan Tanjong Sepat.
Manakala undi bukan Melayu terhadap PAS juga akan jatuh 25% sekaligus akan menyebabkan PAS hilang kerusi Taman Templer, Hulu Kelang, Lembah Jaya, Seri Serdang dan Paya Jaras, menyebabkannya hanya tinggal tiga kerusi sahaja.
Bagaimanapun tiga kerusi di Chempaka, Bangi, dan Meru juga masih dianggap tidak selamat kerana undi Melayu merosot 5% manakala bukan Melayu 30%.
"Melihat kepada senario di atas, amat sukar untuk Pakatan Rakyat mempertahankan kuasa mereka di Selangor.
"Kemenangan besar akan menjadi milik Umno apabila dapat mengembalikan semula 30 kerusi dalam DUN," katanya.
Sehubungan itu, Pua menyeru PAS supaya terus kekal dalam PR dan tidak mengecewakan harapan rakyat Selangor.
"Kami harap rakan seperjuangan PAS akan berdiri teguh bersama Pakatan dan melaksanakan janji yang ditaburkan kepada rakyat serta mengelakkan impian rakyat dikecewakan sebelum sempat ditunaikan," katanya.
Pemimpin tertinggi PAS, termasuk Presiden Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang dan Mursyidul Am Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat enggan bersetuju dengan tindakan DAP dan PKR yang mahu Khalid disingkirkan sebelum akhir penggal.
Konflik itu membawa kepada cadangan melalui perbualan kumpulan AJK PAS Pusat dalam WhatsApp yang mahu bergabung undi dengan Umno demi memastikan kedudukan Khalid dan kuasa politik Melayu-Islam kekal.
Namun perbualan WhatsApp yang dibocorkan dan disebarkan kepada umum itu bagaimanapun dinafikan Pengarah Operasi Pusat Penyelidikan PAS (PPP) Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki yang menyatakan cadangannya itu hanya gambaran analisis senario sahaja. – 31 Julai, 2014.

ACP Datin Asmawati had clearly displayed ignorance of the law when she issued threat that action will be taken against anyone for gathering in public places

Senior cop ignorant about the law when she issued warning against gatherings, say lawyers

Civil rights lawyers have lambasted police for issuing a veiled threat that action will be taken against anyone for gathering in public places in protest of a Muslim preacher who insulted the Hindu religion.
They said assistant chief of the Inspector-General of Police Secretariat (Corporate Communications) ACP Datin Asmawati Ahmad had clearly displayed ignorance of the law when she issued such a statement yesterday.
The lawyers said the Court of Appeal had on April 25 ruled that peaceful assembly was legal and organisers need not give a 10-day notice to the police.
Yesterday, Asmawati warned the MIC Youth and several other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Kuala Lumpur after they gathered in Brickfields in a show of protest against the Muslim preacher.
She said police had not received any notice for the assembly and warned that action could be taken against the organisers of the gathering under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) 2012.

Asmawati further advised those unhappy with the issue to lodge a police report and not to resort to using social media to insult or condemn the individual or to do anything unlawful.
More than 400 reports have been lodged against Ustaz Shahul Hamid Seeni Mohd who had his statement recorded by police in Penang earlier today.
Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen said he was shocked and appalled by the remark made by a senior officer like Asmawati.
He said the police should know that after the Court of Appeal’s landmark ruling in the Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad vs Public Prosecutor case, Section 9(5) of the PAA that penalises organisers of peaceful assemblies with a fine of up to RM10,000 for their failure to provide the 10 days’ notice was no longer good law as it had been declared unconstitutional.
"Asmawati cannot feign ignorance as she had received Nik Nazmi’s judgment on behalf of the IGP when it was forwarded by lawyers and activists on the eve of the May Day/anti-GST protest," he said.
Paulsen said the police must be reminded that the court's decision in Nik Nazmi’s case was historic and the most important judgement on fundamental rights since Merdeka.
"It has sent the clearest possible message that every Malaysian citizen can assemble peacefully and any attempt to criminalise in whatever manner or form is unconstitutional," he said.
He said police could not be selective in enforcing or ignoring court decisions they disagreed with as this could only lead to further lawlessness in the enforcement agency and a breakdown in public confidence.
Paulsen said until and unless the Federal Court reversed the Court of Appeal decision, it remained a good decision.
Lawyer New Sin Yew said public spirited citizens who wanted to express their feelings could gather even without giving notice in this case.
"The issue would have been overtaken by time if a gathering was held after issuing notice to the police," said New, a steering committee member of Bersih 2.0 which had organised mammoth rallies in pursuit of a free and fair election in 2011 and 2012.
The Muslim preacher, Ustaz Shahul Hamid Seeni Mohd, had allegedly insulted Indians and Hindus in a ceramah four years ago when he told his audience not to buy curry powder from "Hindu companies" such as Alagappa's and Baba's.
He had also made fun of the statue of a Hindu deity at the premises of an Alagappa's factory in Bukit Mertajam.
Today, however, Shahul apologised to Indians and Hindus, saying he had never meant to insult them. – July 31, 2014.


Semalam beberapa video dan gambar-gambar tersebar di media sosial yang mana satu huru hara akibat salah faham telah berlaku di stesen minyak Shell di Lundang Kota Bharu.

Satu video dan gambar telah disebar di media sosial yang mana menunjukkan huru-hara dari akibat salah faham di stesen minyak Shell di Lundang, Kota Bharu.

Kes ini terjadi dikatakan bermula dari sekumpulan lelaki memasang mercun di stesen minyak berkenaan dan juga membaling mercun kepada kereta yang ada di stesen minyak tersebut.

Hal ini telah menimbulkan kemarahan pemilik stesen minyak terbabit kerana risau mercun tersebut boleh menyebabkan stesen minyak tersebut terbakar.

Oleh kerana marah, pemilik stesen tersebut menyembur kumpulan terbabit dengan penyembur kebakaran. Ini menyebabkan mereka naik berang dan mengejar pemilik stesen minyak terbabit sehingga ke dalam kedai lalu mencetuskan huru-hara dan merosakkan peralatan di stesen minyak berkenaan.

Walau bagaimanapun, ada juga sumber yang mengatakan pihak dari Stesen Shell yang memulakan hura-hara berkenaan dengan menyerang 7e yang berdekatan dengan stesen tersebut.

Berikut adalah video-video yang disebar oleh pengguna laman sosial :

Serangan di 7E oleh Tauke Shell


Rakaman CCTV Kejadian

Rakaman dari luar stesen

Banyak kerosakan yang berlaku termasuk kenderaan orang awam. Polis terpaksa dipanggil untuk menenangkan keadaan. Punca kejadian masih lagi dalam siasatan - SiakapKeli.com

MH17: Preparations underway for return of victims' remains to Malaysia

MH17: Preparations underway for return of victims' remains

Military personnel undergoing a full dress rehearsal in preparation for the return of victims' remains. - Bernama
Military personnel undergoing a full dress rehearsal in preparation for the return of victims' remains. - Bernama
SEPANG: Malaysia is making preparations to receive the remains of Malaysian victims in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Bunga Raya Complex here.
Hearses were seen on standby outside the complex while military personnel from the Royal Malay Regiment in full uniform were seen carrying coffins. Several tents were also being set up.
The remains of 43 Malaysians in the ill-fared airliner, which went down in Ukraine while flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, are expected to arrive in the country in three weeks' time.
According to an official involved in the handling of the remains of the Malaysian victims, the early preparations were to ensure the arrival process would be done smoothly.
"Today is only a rehearsal to receive the remains. It is still in the planning stage and is not finalised yet.
"There are a few things to iron out and a meeting will be held tomorrow to discuss the matter further," he said.
On July 17 a Boeing 777, carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew, was believed to be have been shot down.
To date, a total of 227 coffins with the remains of flight MH17 victims had been handed over to authorities in the Netherlands, which is leading the international investigation team.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is expected to arrive in The Hague Thursday, is scheduled to meet his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte to discuss the identification of the victims and the repatriation of the remains and bringing those responsible to face justice. - Bernama
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