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Isu Pegang Tangan Afifah Tak Penting - Sidang Media Aliff Aziz & Bella Astillah berhubung kontroversi rumah tangga mereka

Isu Pegang Tangan Afifah Tak Penting - Aliff Aziz


Bekas perdana menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mendakwa Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi pernah berjumpa dengannnya bagi mendapat simpati dan sokongan untuk menggantikan Datuk Seri Najib Razak sebagai Presiden Umno.

Siapa Iskandar Kutty?

Housewife was arrested in northern Sarawak after her three-year-old stepson was allegedly smothered to death.

Housewife arrested for alleged murder of child

MIRI: A 22-year-old housewife was arrested in northern Sarawak after her three-year-old stepson was allegedly smothered to death.
Sarawak CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Dev Kumar said the woman was arrested at her house in Limbang at about 7pm on Sunday.
"On July 27, at the woman sent her stepson to the Limbang Hospital where he was pronounced dead. She claimed that she found her stepson unconscious in the bathroom," said SAC Dev.
He added that the case was initially classified as a sudden death, but the doctor found bruises on the boy's body.
"On July 30, a post-mortem confirmed that the boy's death was due to suffocating," he said, adding that police have reclassified the case as murder.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/07/31/housewife-arrested-for-alleged-murder-of-child/#a1mrIhHiUCdbuIW8.99

Mydin Boss Says KR1M was a massive loss as DPM Zahid orders Termination of contract of the operator or KR1M

KR1M was a massive loss for Mydin, says its boss

PETALING JAYA: Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd (Mydin) has refused to comment on any allegations the government has made regarding the 1Malaysia People’s Shop (KR1M).

This follows Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s order for the domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism ministry to end the contract of the operator of the KR1M, saying they were found to sell goods higher than the market price.

Refusing to name the company, Zahid, who is home minister, said the government did not want the company to operate and supply products to KR1M any more because it had low-quality packaging and distribution but sold the goods at high prices.

“They were given a chance. I don’t want to name the company.

“I myself went to KR1M because I gave them the opportunity to open an outlet with low rental under the Bagan Datoh Umno division (office),” said the Umno MP for Bagan Datoh.

“I allowed the shop to be set up to help the people in my constituency.

“But it became clear that the prices were more expensive even though the government had specific allocations for the company to sell at below-market prices,” he said when officiating the Kuala Langat Umno meeting at Kuala Langat yesterday.

In a statement issued today, Mydin managing director Ameer Ali Mydin said commenting on the government’s allegations would serve no real purpose.

He said, however, that as far as Mydin was concerned, its “conscience was clear”.

“Much has been said on the failure of the operations of KR1M.

“I shall not comment on any allegations made by the government as it will get us nowhere,” he said.

“I would only like to say that this has been a massive loss-making CSR (corporate social responsibility) project for Mydin and we have done this for the benefit of the Malaysian rakyat.

“Our conscience is clear. Those who know me would know what Mydin had to endure in running this CSR project.

“I need not say more.”

Opposition politicians had been critical of Mydin being appointed as the operator for KR1M in the past.

In 2012, Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua accused the Najib government of enriching Mydin through subsidies purportedly aimed at standardising consumer goods’ prices in the KR1M stores.

He said Mydin, as operator of the stores in East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia, would enjoy RM87 million in subsidies to open up 57 outlets, a move that could wipe out competition there.

More recently, Malay Mail Online had quoted DAP MP Lim Lip Eng in February as insisting that the government’s “1 Malaysia” goods were more expensive than other brands, dismissing Ameer’s denial.

The Segambut MP even posed a challenge to Ameer, to prove how many products under the “1 Malaysia” brand were cheaper than those sold at other chains.


DPM Zahid Hamidi faces backlash after attacking Mahathir’s racial origin

Zahid Hamidi faces backlash after attacking Mahathir’s racial origin

In a ‘Mahathir is not truly Malay’ campaign, the Malaysian deputy Prime Minister is said to have gone so low in claiming that former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is of Indian origin.
Zahid accused Mahathir of using the Malays and Umno all this while on the “pretence” of championing the Malay agenda.
He brought up Mahathir’s Indian ancestry, saying that the man who had been prime minister for 22 years has a ‘blue IC’ that states that his name is Mahathir anak lelaki (son of) Iskandar Kutty. His IC number is 2232519.
“The National Registration Department (NRD) chief gave me this information,” said Zahid.
Little did Zahid know that the social media will be abuzz with his claim, with some blasting him off for the ‘racial’ attack.
The video below shows Zahid speaking in Malay, attacking Mahathir on his alleged Indian origin and making a point that people who have ‘anak lelaki’ or ‘son of’ in their identity cards are not Malays.
Many among the Mamak group – Indian Muslims – in Malaysia still have ‘son of’ in their identity cards and they are now considered Malays.
The division of Muslims in Malaysia has been an ongoing issue, fought against by those who do not fall under the ‘Malay’ banner.
But many Malays refuses to accept them too, in the ‘Melayu’ contingent.
However, Zahid’s attack against Mahathir drew harsh comments from many opposition followers.
Some calling him ‘betrayer’ and the worst deputy PM that has ever been born in this country.
But most of those who criticised Zahid for his comments on Mahathir said the Deputy PM should look back at his own origins before attacking others for not being ‘Malay’.
Others said since Zahid is of ‘Javanese’ origin – and saying that he praised his Javanese origin on Indonesian television recently – should ask Mahathir and the Indian Muslims for forgiveness.
“If you fail to ask forgiveness, lets all of us join forces and vote against the BN-Umno regime,” says one WhatsApp message circulating in Malaysia.

Five teenagers have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping a 15-year-old student they met on WeChat.

Image result for wechat rape

Five nabbed for allegedly gang-raping 15-year-old

KOTA KINABALU: Five teenagers have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping a 15-year-old student they met on WeChat.
The incident happened at a house in Menggatal near here at around 3pm on June 14 but the victim only lodged a report on July 26. It is not known why the report was only made much later after the incident.
The suspects, aged between 13 and 18, were nabbed less than 24 hours after the report was filed and are on remand until Aug 3.
Kota Kinabalu police chief Asst Comm M. Chandra said the girl claimed she was invited to follow the suspects to the abandoned house after meeting them.
“Later, she told them that she did not want to continue but the boys allegedly forced her to follow, saying that they only wanted to talk and would send her home after that,” he said.
Upon reaching the abandoned house, the suspects and the girl chatted for several minutes before they took turns to rape her, ACP Chandra said.
They let her go after the incident.
ACP Chandra urged parents to be aware of what their children were doing and who they were befrien­ding, especially on social media.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/07/31/five-nabbed-for-allegedly-gangraping-15yearold/#kMvgFEQ8xQu8SLUd.99

:A thief who snatched the bag of a Yemeni man at a restaurant in Seri Kembangan early today was killed in a chase


Snatch thief dies after victim rams into him 
:A thief who snatched the bag of a Yemeni man at a restaurant in Seri Kembangan early today was killed in a chase incident thereafter.

In the 3.30am incident, the 25-year-old suspect fled on a Yamaha 125z motorcycle.

He was chased by the victim in a Proton Preve for some 3km.

Serdang ACP police chief Megat Mohd Aminuddin Megat Alias said on reaching the Pangsapuri One South traffic light junction, the victim, in his 20s, rammed his car into the suspect’s motorcycle.

“The suspect died of head injuries and the stolen bag was found on him,” he said in a statement here today.

He said preliminary investigations showed the suspect had a criminal record.

The body was sent to the Serdang Hospital.

“The Yemeni man has been remanded to facilitate investigations,” Megat Aminuddin said.

He said the case was being investigated under Section 304 of the Penal Code (culpable homicide not amounting to murder0

40th anniversary of the King Of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley's death on August 16, 2017, Tribute Concert at Hard Rock Cafe KL & Melaka

 As we approach the 40th anniversary of the King Of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley's death on August 16 1977, Hard Rock Cafe and Melody United Music will be paying a timely tribute to the King with a concert at two of HRC's outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka

The concert will be by Elvis Tribute artist Johnny Thompson - The No. 1 Elvis impersonator from Las Vegas. Johnny will try to create the perfect illusion of the King of Rock'n'Roll.

Johnny Thompson, winner of Elvis National Award in USA is considered as one of the best impersonators of late legend Elvis Presley. MTV USA and Las Vegas have named Thompson the number 1 tribute artist of the king of rock and roll having performed in Las Vegas for 15 years before going on tour all over the world.
The event will be held on August 16, 2017 at the Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur at 8.00pm. Tickets are being sold for RM100 at the Hard Rock Cafe outlet in Kuala Lumpur and it will be available online from August 2, 2017. Reservations for VIP tables and other table bookings can be made at the outlet by calling +603-2715 5555.

For those in the Southern Region A second concert will be held the next day at Hard Rock Cafe Melaka on August 17, 2017 at 8.00pm too. For Reservations and tickets please call +60 6-292 5188

Tickets are available online on www.myticket.asia from August 2, 2017

There probably will never be another icon like Elvis who captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, when there was no YouTube or WWW or social media. Even though nearly another lifetime has passed since – he was 42 – his brand is still not only culturally relevant, but known and celebrated around the world – even by consumers who weren’t alive in 1977. Which sort of puts Elvis in a class by himself. Elvis is #2 on the list of Forbes’ top-earning dead celebrities of 2015 with $55 million, but Forbes notes that’s largely because of ticket sales to his Memphis estate, Graceland.

But his appeal far exceeds music and entertainment. Indeed, nearly 40 years after his death, it’s safe to say interest in the Elvis brand remains strong – perhaps unlike any celebrity before or since.

In a Trip down memory lane here are some of Elvis Top Hits:

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Some Malaysian so hell-bent on getting their names into the Malaysia Book of Records that it bordered on the absurd.

Malaysians are hell-bent on getting their names on MBOR

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian “can do” spirit has led to about 20 records being made daily.
Some are so hell-bent on getting their names into the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) that it bordered on the absurd.
One guy actually wanted to get his name in for having the longest chest hair in the country.
“He had one exceptionally long chest hair which was 42cm. He was dead serious when he came to see us and said we have to certify it as soon as possible because it might break anytime,” said MBOR chief operating officer Chistopher Wong.
“He told us he has to sleep in a certain way, wash himself a particular way so that it won’t break,” added Wong, who is still amused by it.
Wong acknowledged that there was an entry in the Guinness World Records where the record holder had 37cm chest hair “so the guy who came to us actually beat the world record”.
But MBOR told the guy: “No, sorry.”
“Although we are modelled after the Guinness World Records, we have to adjust to local sensitivities and flavour. We don’t want to make it too gimmicky.
“What we are trying to do is not to recognise weird achievements but inspire Malaysians to do real things. We want to promote the spirit of human excellence and make the nation proud. And that longest chest hair doesn’t cut it.”
MBOR was started in July 1995 by Tan Sri Danny Ooi when he saw “mini achievements” in the country going unrecognised.
He felt that putting these feats down in a book of records would inspire others to go out and achieve something of their own.
In the past 22 years, MBOR has certified 5,664 records ranging from human triumphs and sports to arts, music, entertainment, food and business.
They were incredible, inspiring and challenging achievements. There were also the unusual ones, with some even bordering on “what on earth...!”
The first record certified by MBOR is of rocker Ella on Sept 19, 1995, for having the best-selling Malay album in the country.
As the keeper of Malaysian records, Wong said MBOR gets an average of about 20 to 30 email requests and phone calls each day.
This totals up to about 400 a month but MBOR only certifies about 20 records or so each month.
“What people don’t see is that a large percentage gets rejected.
“Last year, we had many record attempts – about 35 to 40 a month – so there was a lot of visibility.
“And people started saying we are simply giving records for everything.
“They questioned why ‘this also got record’ and ‘that also got record’ and asked if we were selling records. And they asked ‘what is the point of some of these achievements?’”
So MBOR decided to cut back, keep the number low with a quota of 20 a month, to maintain the quality.
“We don’t want the Malaysia Book of Records brand to overheat and for people to think ‘aiyah, so easy to get a record. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can get it’.
“They’d be surprised to know that we reject about 80% of requests for records.
“We don’t deny credible record attempts but believe me, there are a lot of weird or syiok sendiri requests coming in.”
As the only national record keeper, Wong said MBOR was in a unique position to change people’s lives by its recognition.
“We try to be as professional as we can.
“We want to promote the spirit of Malaysia Boleh and 1Malaysia which drives the point that Malaysians can do things that can be recognised on the international stage.
“After 22 years we are still credible. We do not want MBOR to be relegated to ridicule or gimmick.”

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Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/07/30/malaysians-are-hell-bent-on-getting-their-names-on-mbor/#pwOrIODxJdmi4iFy.99

Priest nabbed ‘en route to motel’ with 13-year-old girl

Priest nabbed ‘en route to motel’ with 13-year-old girl

image: http://www.thestar.com.my/~/media/online/2017/07/30/03/22/onlineunderagerape.ashx/?w=620&h=413&crop=1&hash=24F51582F8C444FB91938F34FFCBE8A0B95B71EE
MANILA: A priest who heads a Catholic school was arrested on Friday night as he was allegedly taking a 13-year-old girl to a motel in Marikina City.
Msgr. Arnel Lagarejos, 55, underwent inquest proceedings on Saturday afternoon for alleged violation of the Anti-Human Trafficking in Persons Act following his arrest around 6:30 p.m. on July 28 near Blue Wave Mall on Sumulong Highway in Barangay Sto. Niño.
A report to Chief Supt. Romulo Sapitula, Eastern Police District director, said a joint team from Marikina police and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) caught Lagarejos in his sport utility vehicle (SUV) with the minor.
He allegedly came to know the girl, an out-of-school youth, through a 16-year-old gay “pimp,” who was also arrested that same night.
The arrests were made based on information from the girl’s mother, who earlier alerted the Marikina police.
Suspect tight-lipped
In an interview, the city police chief, Senior Supt. Roger Quesada, said
Lagarejos initially described himself as a self-employed man when arrested but later admitted he was a priest during questioning.
Lagarejos, who remained in detention as of press time, refused to be interviewed by reporters.
Quoting statements from the mother and the arrested gay teenager, Quesada said Lagarejos was caught as he was about to take the girl to a motel on Sumulong Highway.
Seized from the gay teenager was his smartphone containing text messages purportedly about his transaction with the priest for the girl.
Sapitula said barangay officials and social workers had actually spoken with the girl a day before the entrapment.
The girl then said Lagarejos actually brought her to a motel for the first time in June and warned her “at gunpoint” not to let other men “book” her.
Based on the suspect’s LinkedIn account, Lagarejos is the current president of Cainta Catholic College (CCC) and former parish priest of the Our Lady of Abandoned Parish also in Cainta.
His credentials, which are also listed in the CCC website, include a doctorate degree in Moral Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.
RM42 payment
During the entrapment operation, Quesada said, the girl’s mother and a police team waited at the spot where Lagarejos was expected to meet with the pimp.
When the priest arrived in his SUV, he was joined in the vehicle by the gay man and the girl. The gay man later got out after receiving P500 from Lagarejos.
The priest then drove off with the girl but was later stopped by the arresting team along Sumulong Highway. - Philippines Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2017/07/30/priest-nabbed-en-route-to-motel-with-13-year-old-girl/#j3mMcqcBvACOHgQe.99

Police arrest two men after girl, 14, raped twice on same night by separate men in 'horrifying ordeal'

Police arrest two men after girl, 14, raped twice on same night by separate men in 'horrifying ordeal'


Birmingham's Witton railway station, where the girl was attacked Google

Two men have been arrested after a 14-year-old girl was raped twice in one night by separate attackers.

Detectives said the teenager's "horrifying ordeal" began when she was first attacked in a secluded part of Birmingham's Witton railway station, near the Aston Villa football ground, between 8pm on Tuesday and 2am the following morning.

Shortly afterwards, the girl flagged down a passing vehicle for help - but was raped a second time after getting into the car.

Police said the arrests of two men, aged 35 and 27, on suspicion of rape on Saturday morning both relate to the first attack. The pair are in police custody.

Detectives are still searching for another man, who is described as about 5ft 6in, thick set and with large biceps, in connection with the second rape.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Fitzpatrick, from British Transport Police, said: "Our investigation into the second incident in the vehicle continues at a pace.

"The young victim was raped for a second time in a vehicle close to Witton station at approximately 2am.

"I am still looking to hear from anyone who lives locally to Witton and saw a young girl walking by herself during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

"If you saw any vehicle or any person acting suspiciously then please get in touch as soon as possible."

Anyone with any information can text 61016, call 0800 40 50 40, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Reporting by Press

2 Children Burnt To Death As Lorry Goes Up In Flames In Sandakan

Two Children Burnt To Death As Lorry Goes Up In Flames In Sandakan

SANDAKAN: Two children burnt to death when the lorry they were in caught fire after plunging into a ravine at Kampung Pampang, Batu 10 yesterday.
The charred remains of the girls, identified only as Marcilla, 5, and Amanda Fairuz, 8, were found trapped inside the six-tonne lorry in the 7pm incident.
Initial reports suggest that the lorry, carrying liquefied petroleum gas tanks, had skidded and crashed into a ravine.
A man believed to the driver, identified as Asim Taladu, 32, was injured while a female passenger in her 20s suffered burns.
A district fire and rescue spokesman said the they recieved a distress call at 7.13pm and deployed two fire engines with 10 personnel to the scene.
"The team managed to control the blaze at 7.54pm.
"Upon inspection, the team found the charred remains of two children in the vehicle. The bodies were handed over to the police," he said.
The spokesman said the relationship between the two deceased and the survivors have yet to be ascertained. The injured victims were taken to the Duchess of Kent Hospital.
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