News sharing site BEST FBKL (bestfbkl.blogspot.com) made it first posting in May 2013 just after the 13th General Election (GE13) in May 2013. Since then till to-date it has had a meteoric growth garnering over 30 million views on Google Plus and 5.8 million views on Blogger. The statistics are from the two reputed organizations and not from us.

During the GE-13 election campaign, there were a lot of rumor mongering and inaccurate information being circulated. We realized that many people were not willing to listen to any facts given to them during that particular period, as they had already made up their minds on various issues whether rightly or wrongly.

Birth of bestfbkl.blogspot.com

It was then we felt it was important for the Rakyat be kept well informed on various issues not only during the election period but all year round especially prior to the election period. We encouraged the Rakyat not to bash the country or the security forces. Go ahead and bash the politicians or the political parties but be thankful of Malaysia and the lifestyle we enjoy here in this multi-racial country

The BEST FBKL blog was started by Blogger George Gerald with the aim to keep the Malaysian public more informed about happenings in Malaysia the & region related to News, National Security, Food & Beverage Trends, Lifestyle and Entertainment.

George Gerald - Blogger of bestfbkl.blogspot.com 

We hoped that in doing so Malaysian’s would appreciate the country more. Malaysian’s seem to take lots of things for granted, so the blog was started with the intent to highlight things that are great about the country, but in a very subtle manner. We decided to also highlight International issues that is of public interest in the blog too.

Despite the huge success we have had, we decided to maintain it as a blog and not a dotcom as recent market trends have shown that people are attracted more to blogs than dotcoms.


With the advent of ASEAN, the blog is now being positioned as a ASEAN Blog highlighting regional stories of interest, in the hope that it will foster an ASEAN community through better understanding of each other’s cultures, traditions and lifestyles


In a matter of 40 months as of January, 2017, the BEST FBKL blog has achieved over 23, 249,652 million views on Google + and 4, 860, 341 million on Blogger. This view count is done independently by Google & Blogger and NOT by BEST FBKL.

Combining the number of views from the traffic on Google+ and on Blogger we have had more than 28 million views in 45 months averaging about 620,000 views a month

We continue to be in the top 10 for Local Content on Internationally recognized ranking platforms such as BlogTopSites and BlogLog rankings.


We have helped many businesses grow by doing joint collaborations with them highlighting their business and products and recently posted our 15,000th posting. We have showcased the best in entertainment, news, sports, national security and lifestyle in Malaysia and the ASEAN region. All postings on the blog are shared on Facebook and Twitter. Some of the postings on shared on Instagram and Linked In too.


One major differentiator of BEST FB KL and other blogs is that we carry many live online broadcast of news, sports and other events held locally and internationally.

Malaysian Politics

We carry the live broadcast of the Malaysian Parliament when it is in session. We also carry the live broadcast of some of the State Legislative Assemblies. We hope that in doing so the people can follow the performances of their elected representatives. At the same time, the people can follow the debates and issues of public importance.

International Politics

We broadcast live the major events attended by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. We also broadcast a few of the senate hearings from the Philippines.

During the visit of President Barack Obama to Malaysia in November 2015, the BESTFBKL blog broadcasted live his town hall session with the Young South East Asian Leaders and all his official Press Conferences. We even had the live broadcast of President Obama last State of the Union Address.

We recently covered the US Presidential Elections with live broadcast of most election campaign speeches by Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We gave one of the most comprehensive result coverage of the election. We were one of the first sites in the world to announce that Donald Trump had won the electoral vote.

On January 20, 2017 we carried the live broadcast of the 58th Inauguration of the 45th President of the USA Donald J Trump.

We currently carry live all major updates from the White House - USA, Malacanang Palace - Philippines, Putrajaya - Malaysia and Singapore


We do live broadcast of Sporting events too such as Badminton, Football, Hockey, Motorsports and many other sporting events. In June 2016 we broadcasted live the Copa America 2016 Football Tournament from the USA.

In 2015 we showed the live broadcast of the 28th Sea Games with HD quality on the BEST FB KL blog, especially focusing on all the Malaysian participated events. We also broadcasted LIVE the opening and closing ceremonies. This was a big hit with our followers. We were one of few blogs or websites to carry the event LIVE. Viewers could watch HD quality TV on their mobile or pads from our blog site.

We broadcasted LIVE the Rio Paralympics 2016. We were the only entity in Malaysia to broadcast the event live from Start of the event, whilst many started showing the event when Malaysian athletes started winning medals at the event.


We do live broadcast of musical concerts from all over the world such as “Live from Rio” from Brazil and “State of Trance” From India.

In June 2016 we broadcasted Live the 3 Day Electric Daisy Carnival from Vegas, USA. In April 2016 we carried the 3 day live broadcast of the Coachella Music Festival 2016 from California, USA.

Recently we carried the live broadcast feed of Akademi Fantasia 2016 and Gegar Vaganza courtesy of Astro Gempak live feed.

Live 24 Hour Broadcast of 8 International New Channels

With the recent terrorist attacks, we decided to broadcast LIVE - select news channels from different continents on the blog.

In this way while on the move or home viewers can get first hand, accurate news and information in times of emergency. These channels are accessible for free:

The live 24 Hour Channels are:

· Fox News,
· India Today,
· Al Jazeera,
· CCTV China,
· KBS World 24 from Korea,
· France 24
· Bloomberg TV.
   Euro News

The Button for these channels are on the left column of the blog.


We believe in the privacy of our visitors to the blog, as such we do not force them to add us or be a member of our blog. We however can tell where they come from and have some basic demographics of our visitors. We have a live visitor feed app on our blog so viewers can see real time where the visitors of our blog are coming from and which post they are viewing.


During The Holy Month of Ramadan, for the last three years, the BEST FBKL blog has been very popular with Muslims who want to find out about the best Ramadan Buka Puasa / Iftar deals in town. We are the only blog to actually do a ranking of the best Ramadan Buka Puasa Buffet Offerings in the Klang Valley.


BEST FB KL is now fast gaining the reputation as one of the most reliable source of information in the social media world. We provide an integrated platform of information for our viewers with our Live News Broadcast, Delayed & Recorded Video Broadcast’s, News Postings and our own BEST FBKL postings & reviews.


**For Inquiries | Advertising | Advertorial | Review | Event | Collaboration**

If you would like to send us an invite to your event or want to contact us to advertise or contact us for any another matter please send your email to: george.gap@gmail.com or What's App +60129755670

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