Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Video of 3 Girls Filmed Hanging Out of A Moving Car On The way Up to Genting Highlands Goes Viral (Video)

Girls Filmed Hanging Out Of Moving Car In Reckless Joyride Goes Viral
Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook
Remember taking road trips with your parents when you were young and being warned to 'keep your head and arms inside the car at all times"?
Obviously this group of girls have forgotten their parents' warning or decided to disregard common sense in sticking not just their heads and arms out of a moving car but their entire body, perched perilously on the window frame of the car winding its way up the steep hill road.
A driver on her way up to Genting Highlands encountered this scene of reckless joyriding on Sunday and decided to capture it on her handphone.
Facebook user Giin Yong shared the recording on 28 August.
"While on the way up to Genting Highlands yesterday late afternoon, we saw this group of young girls doing this ... It's beyond stupid and reckless. An accident waiting to happen ... smh *tsk* *tsk*," she wrote accompanying her posting.
When you are riding in a convertible or open top double decker bus, feeling the powerful wind turbulence in your face and hands can be invigorating but trying to achieve the same effect by sticking your head or any body part out of a moving vehicle can have deadly consequences.
The video of the reckless joyride went viral when local Chinese news daily Sin Chew Daily reported on the incident with their Facebook posting triggering over a million views of the viral video and over 29,000 shares.
As expected netizens reacted with surprise and shock at the reckless display recorded on the minute-long video where the three girls were seen balancing themselves outside the car windows while laughing and chatting.
A passing car over even worst large container or lorry could side swipe one of the girls hanging out the window causing both vehicles to swerve and veer into the path of other oncoming vehicles.
As pointed out by many viewers, the girls were not only endangering themselves but the rest of the people in the car as well as others on the road.
Rayven Roberts: All fun and games until someone gets hurt.
Janet Lee: They can die in their own time! Don't mess up others' !
According to media reports, the joyride has caught the attention of the police which so far havn't received any reports on the incident.
Deputy district police chief Deputy Superintenden S. Somu said that based on the video recording, the incident took place in the Bentong district on the road heading to Genting Highlands, Utusan Online reports.
He urged the person who recorded the video to come forward to assist police with the investigation under Section 42 ( 1 ) of the Road Transport Act ( APJ ) 1987 and Section 279 of the Penal Code.
Before a nasty accident happens, remember there are truths to why you parents always asked you to keep your head and arms inside the car at all times.
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