Friday, 26 August 2016

Dental Surgeon Bitten by Dolphin during "Encounter Programme at Resorts World Sentosa

Dolphin bites man at Singapore theme park

SINGAPORE: Dental surgeon Michael Lim wanted to get up and close to some dolphins – but he got more than he bargained for and was bitten by one of the animals at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) here.

Dr Lim, 48, was sitting at the edge of a lagoon with his legs in the water at an attraction where the public could interact with bottlenose dolphins when he was bitten on the second toe of his right foot.

He told The Straits Times on Monday that he was attending an "encounter programme" at Dolphin Island two weeks ago. He wanted to cool himself on that hot afternoon and got permission from the dolphin trainer to dangle his legs in the water.

Shortly after he did so, one of the dolphins jumped into the air, flipped and swam backwards. At this point, Dr Lim felt a painful bite.

Dr Lim, who had gone to RWS with his 22-year-old daughter, said he stayed calm and did not shout.

"I have had dogs and cats before, so I know that when animals bite, we are not supposed to pull away or scream," he said.

He said the trainer was unaware of what had happened until he caught her attention and told her. A family from Brunei who were seated nearby were shocked to see the blood, he said.

Twenty minutes after the incident, a nurse arrived and bandaged his toe. Dr Lim stayed on until the programme, for which he paid about S$100 (RM298), ended at 6pm.

A doctor on the RWS premises then saw him and gave him a seven-day course of antibiotics. Dr Lim said the bite marks looked like razor cuts and that they measured between 13mm and 15mm.

Though his wound is healing well, he is now wary. He said that while there had been a safety briefing, there was no mention of biting dolphins.

"It was my first and last time with a dolphin," he said. "We had the idea they are friendly and harmless, but they are still wild animals."

Dolphin trainer Brittney Iverson described it as an "isolated incident where one of our dolphins nibbled the toes of a guest during an interaction programme. We believe the dolphin behaved out of playful curiosity, rather than hostility, as it explored its surroundings," she said.

Iverson, who has more than six years of animal-handling experience and has been with Dolphin Island since its opening in 2013, said dolphins are gentle and sociable.

As of May this year, there were 27 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins from the Solomon Islands at the attraction. Before the attraction opened, animal rights groups in Singapore and the Philippines had lobbied for the release of the mammals.

Iverson said Dolphin Island has an excellent safety record and that all dolphin interaction programmes are led and supervised by dolphin trainers who follow strict operating procedures.

Elsewhere, Seaworld Orlando, a theme park in the US, has stopped public feeding of dolphins after a few children were bitten while feeding or petting the dolphins.

Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) executive director Louis Ng said there is always a risk in letting people come in touch with wild animals.

"Dolphins' teeth are sharp, and they are hunters in the wild. Even if they are playing, they can inflict harm," he said. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

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