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Getting to Know Dhyan Vimal, Director of "Temuan Takdir" Opening In Cinemas on August 11, 2016 (VIDEO)

MOST people would already have started creation their retirement skeleton when they strike their 50s. But not Dhyan Vimal.

The 52-year-old has taken on a toilsome charge of producing and directing his initial underline film, Temuan Takdir.

Dhyan has finished ­commercials and ­documentaries before, though he finds ­directing a film a totally ­different round game.

“I adore learning,” says Dhyan. “Every year, we learn something new. If we do not do that, afterwards your mind gets dull.”

He strongly believes that flourishing comparison should not stop us from creation a life interesting.

His certain opinion is in partial desirous by a visible artist crony who was diagnosed with HIV.

“He told me: ‘I am not prepared to die’,” recalls Dhyan. “He has not authorised his ­situation to stop him from vital life to a full. He is an extraordinary impulse for me.”

Dhyan believes people should take some-more risks in life, and get out of their comfort zone.

“What we like best about ­directing this film is that we fell in adore with me, all over again. A partial of me came alive again.

“I trust we feel this approach since we am doing something that we have never finished before in my life.

“We are an undiscovered ­commodity. We do not know what we are able of until we try something new.”

Temuan Takdir, that opens in cinemas on Aug 11, is a 90-minute movement play about dual ­policemen ­brothers who are questioning a robbery. There are a lot of twists and turns in a story that will keep audiences on a corner of their seats.

Playing a brothers are Zahim Albakri and Ery Zukhairi. They are upheld by ­Vanidah Imran, Azura ­Zainal and former Miss Malaysia Thanuja Anathan.

The RM1.5 million film is also a plan underneath Friends to Mankind, a non-governmental organization that Dhyan started 12 years ago.

“When we was younger, we had a lot ideas,” he says. “I did not get a possibility to put those ideas into movement since everybody is looking for people with experience.”

While creation a movie, Dhyan gave a possibility for immature talents to uncover off their skills, and to benefit some ­experience in a film business.

For ­example, both a film print ­design, and a ­editing of a film were finished by ­industry ­newcomers.

His ­favourite stage from a film is where one of a ­robbers gets shot and is dying.

“It’s his birthday, and his crony and partner in crime is singing happy birthday to him,” he says.

“In a subsequent scene, a ­audience sees his partner ­wrapping his benefaction but meaningful that he is dying. It is a pleasing romantic scene.”

Audiences competence expected review a ­action scenes in his film with those seen in ­Hollywood productions, notwithstanding them carrying a distant bigger budget.

“I do not have a bill for large explosions,” he says, adding that there is no approach we can contest with them.

But he still believes internal filmmakers can make a good movement film with a tiny budget, as prolonged as they try not to embrace Hollywood.

“I am some-more meddlesome in capturing a emotions that a chairman is going by in a movement scenes, instead of only display some fancy, car-­flipping movement scenes,” he explains. “What we will find in this film is ­honesty.”

When asked who his all-time favourite ­director is, Dhyan names Quentin ­Tarantino. “He is only crazy and loves violation a rules.”

One can ­certainly see these traits in Dhyan, too.

Source: The Sun

Movie Details
Temuan Takdir
Two police brothers, ACP Roslan dan Inspector Shariff, are on a mission to hunt down the mastermind behind the robbery of a security van. Their investigation leads them to discover a secret activity by a gang made up of Omar, Faisal and Vikram, where each of them has his own hidden agenda. ACP Roslan fights against time to solve the case and find the Mastermind behind it all.

Language: Malay
Classification: P13
General Release Date: 11 Aug 2016
Genre: Crime / Thriller
Running Time: 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Distributor: Empire Film Solution
Cast: Zahim Albakri, Ery Zukhairi, Azura Zainal, Vanidah Imran, Thanuja Ananthan
Director: Dhyan Vimal
Format: 2D

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