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" myChef "- Take Home A Chef in A Box

During the Malaysian MasterChef competition last year I caught the myChef TV commercial a couple of times. As a orphan & single person who eats out 99%  person of the time and loves his microwave oven, I was immediately attracted to the commercial. 

However after being disappointed so many times with poor quality ready to serve meals in Malaysia - "that the Americans call  TV dinners",  I was a bit sceptical. But seeing four major chefs endorse this product, made me curious about it.

During the recent Hari Raya holidays I spent the week lazing around, watching tv especially  MasterChef Australia. I watched so many episodes of MasterChef  that I thought I'd play being a chef myself and try the myChef  product while doing so some food tasting for this blog. So I got Tesco to deliver 7 boxes of myChef  of different flavours at RM8.42 per box. That's all the flavours they had although myChef has 12 different products.

 At the same time I bought some ready to heat chapati's (Indian Flat Bread) (RM 4.24 for 10 pcs) to eat with the curries from myChef. You just need to heat them in  a hot non-stick pan without a drop of oil. Chapati's are made from wholemeal flour so it's supposed to be healthy too.   I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the chapati's were so tasty and easy to make! I felt so proud that I made my own Chapati's!

Next, i started my "cooking", actually it was not cooking but "zapping" it in the microwave. Once you take out the product from the box you don't have to remove the plastic wrapping as the container is microwaveable.  It comes with a self venting strip, so it would not melt and the food moisture is maintained.

You zap each box in the Microwave in the container that it comes in for 4 minutes, take it out then only remove the plastic covering, mix the contents around and zap it again for another minute!. I invited a few friends over for the food tasting session.

The Result: OMG! OMG! OMG!

All the dishes we tried was amazingly tasty!!!, It was full of flavour and looked so appetising. It was certainly gourmet type food stuff. Ingredients were fresh, you could even find some nice curry leaves in some of the dishes too.  The aroma of the spices got us hungry the moment the dishes came out of the microwave! There is no other words to describe the products, It was simply delicious just like it says on the box! For those who know me, I Don't give compliments too easily!

It was so easy to prepare. The box gives you all the nutrition information and there are full  instructions on how to prepare each dish. 

If you want to be adventurous you could add more spices to make it more explosive but it was great as it is. The facebook page of myChef actually gives you tips on how you can modify each dish to make into more interesting!.

Chef Zam
Chef Ismail

 For basically RM10.00 you could make a meal for 2 persons all in 10 minutes and that includes the cleaning up time!.  

I felt like a Chef myself, a microwave chef!!! You don't need a Idiots Guidebook to Cook anymore! I highly recommend it . If you ever wanted to take a home a chef, now you can - take home a chef in a box!  myChef is a Made in Malaysia Halal product which we all can be proud of.

The 4 Celebrity Chefs you can take home in a box are:

Chef Florence - Ayam Pongteh,Ikan Gerang Assam and Kari Ayam Nyonya

Dato Chef Ismail - Ayam Kalio, Semur Daging Betawi and Gulai Udang Serai

Chef Zam -Beef Straganoff, Cape Malay Curry and Chicken Spaghettini

Chef Liza - Chicken Makhani, Beef Keema Masala and Mughlai Chicken Biryani


Where you can get myChef


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRKZ3eq2njw - TV COMMERCIAL

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3TqWR20vSY - ON THE COMPANY

myChef & Simply Delicious.:

Everyone is an expert on food and we love food as much as you. That's why we make it exactly how you would: using fresh & lean ingredients for a gourmet-inspired meals, SIMPLY DELICIOUS.

OUR BEGINNINGS - Journey from ideas to fruition : mini logo is the brainchild of  Chairman, Dato’ Sri Effendi Norwawi. When Dato’ Sri first mooted the 
idea of having a really high quality Ready-to-serve gourmet meals, our first thoughts were in the negative, “How can a gourmet meals be made Ready-to-serve?”, “How can it be preserved to ensure the quality is maintained and be consistent?”, “who will be the target market?” 
Some of these questions took months for us to find answers and now they are all revealed.

CORE IDEAS : During the formative period we have identified mini logo brand core values, to win the hearts and mind of the targeted consumers:

i.Quality - producing food that is of high quality to meet consumer needs.
ii.Standards – to meet & exceed the most stringent Food Handling & Safety requirements.
iii.Healthy & Delicious - To produce food that are healthy, safe, good & wholesome for consumption.
iv.Trust - To develop mutual trust & respect amongst ourselves, between us & our consumers through engagements & World Class CRM.

 myChef SIGNATURE SERIES collection has been skilfully prepared based on the famous recipes of Malaysia’s top celebrity Chefs to provide you with their favourite selection to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Ready to simply heat & serve.  FRESH & LEAN Ingredients, prepared to achieve a superbly BALANCED palate to PERFECTION  

The Packing is unique and the front of the pack is Color coded and gives all the necessary nutritional information.
mc1 mc2
myChef is introducing a new, innovative “traffic light” color coded front of pack nutritional information panel to assist you in choosing a healthier diet.
The number are based on a typical amount per serving, the indicated percentage of calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar & salt, represents the contribution to an adults’s average Guideline Daily Amount.
Green indicates a LOW content, which is a healthier choice, amber a medium content, which is acceptable and red a high content, which is less healthy as defined by the UK’s Food Standards Agency

signature meals title
Chef Florence Tan
Chef Ismail
Chef Liza Zainol
  Chef Zam

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