Monday, 25 July 2016

Infamous rapper Namewee has done it again, this time with a music video, "Oh My God", which appears to insult various religions.

BESTFBKL: We are for creative works but this Namewee video should be banned in Malaysia for the wrongful depiction of the religions. We shall not even bother to ask what religion was the Arab carrying a sniper rifle depicting or representing. This is not promoting harmony between religions.

New Namewee music video mocks religion

A screenshot of a scene from Namewee's new video.

PETALING JAYA: Infamous rapper Namewee has done it again, this time with a music video, "Oh My God", which appears to insult various religions.

In explaining the clip, Namewee in a separate video called "Tokok" says he is aware that it might be banned in Malaysia, but proceeded to release it to promote religious harmony.

"The hardest thing of all is that, they (the video) might be banned in Malaysia. You will understand after you watch the music video.

"We just want to promote harmony within all religions. Many countries are having religious issues ... some countries have conflicts which have continued without reconciliation," he said.

The rapper, who previously rapped the national anthem in a condescending manner, said this video clip was shot in a similar manner to allow all religions to open their hearts and be accepting.

"We combined the four main religions, travelling and having a great time together, it's a rare picture," he said.

The four-minute-long clip directed and produced by Namewee features a Taiwanese band called Nine-One-One and was shot in places of worship in Penang.

The video starts with the "azan" (call for prayer), a church choir and the ringing of Buddhist meditation gongs as well as Hindu temple bells.

Namawee then proceeds to loosely use terms such as "Namo Amitabha," "Hallelujah," "Om Mani Padme Hum" and "Allah".

There are also four men in the video dressed as Jesus Christ, fifth century Buddhist monk Xuan Zang, a Taoist priest and a gun-toting man wearing a white robe and a headgear.

The clip also has a scene in which the Jesus character plays pool using the cross as his cue and Xuan Zang, who uses his staff.

The video clip, which was uploaded on YouTube earlier Sunday, has had 40,799 views so far

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