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Several major areas in Kuala Lumpur, Hulu Langat, Petaling will be facing water supply disruption on Dec 6

Water supply disruption in Hulu Langat, KL and Petaling on Dec 6

    KUALA LUMPUR: Several areas in Hulu Langat, Petaling and the federal capital will be facing water supply disruption on Dec 6 due to upgrading work at the Sungai Langat water treatment plant.  
    Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) in a statement here Friday said the upgrading work would be carried out from 8am on Dec 6 till 4am the next day.  
    The areas that will be affected are Zone 1, Hulu Langat namely Bandar Rinching Phases 5 and  6; Bandar Sunway Semenyih/ Desa Mewah; Bandar Tasik Kesuma; Bdr Teknologi Kajang; Bandar Rinching Seksyen 1; Bukit Angkat; Bukit Mewah Phases 6, 7 and  8; Cheras Idaman; Damai Mewah; GoodView Height; Indah Jaya; Industri Bukit Angkat and Industri Sg Chua (Lt Adnan).  
    Also Jade Hill; Jalan Kuari Sg Long; Jalan Langat Batu 14 - 17; Jalan Melati; Kg Sg Kantan; Kampung Bukit Angkat; Kawasan Perindustrian Ria; Kawasan Perniagaan Nilam; Kawasan Perindustrian Balakong; Kenangan 18; Jalan Sg Lalang and Taman Bukit Mewah 1,2,3,4,5.  
    Kg Jambu; Kg Pasir Baru Semenyih; Kg Rinching Hulu; Kg Rinching Tengah; Kg Sg Kantan; Kg Ashraf; Kg Baru Cina Batu 11; Kg Sg Tekali, Jalan Sg. Tekali; Klinik Kesihatan Kajang; Klinik Kesihatan Semenyih; Kompleks Penjara Kajang; Lingkaran Nur; Maktab Polis; Nirwana Semenyih; Pekan Batu 11 and Pekan Kajang.  
    Other areas are Pinggiran; Pinggiran Delima; PKNS Kg Jambu; Premis di Jalan Cheras Batu 12-14 (Kanan); Rumah Murah PKNS Sg Ramal; Sekolah Tinggi Kajang; Sekolah Teknik Kajang; Sg Ramal Baru; Sg Macau; Sg Ramal Dalam; Taman Balakong Jaya; Taman Bangi Jaya; Taman Bukit Belimbing; Taman Bukit Mutiara and Taman Bukit Semenyih.  
    Taman Desa Kenanga; Taman Dusun Jaya;  Taman Cahaya; Taman Cantik; Taman Cendana; Taman Cheras Perdana; Taman Damai Jaya; Taman Desa Meringin; Taman Desa Sri Jenaris; Taman Harmoni Indah; Taman Hill Park; Taman Indah; Taman Industri Balakong Jaya; Taman Industri Selesa Jaya and Taman Jaya 2.  
    Taman Juara Jaya; Taman Kasih; Taman Kemacahaya; Taman Lestari; Taman Maju 1; Taman Megah; Taman Murni; Taman Perkasa; Taman Puncak Utama; Taman Puteri Jaya; Taman Putra Budiman; Taman Rakan; Taman Ros; Taman Sekamat; Taman Semenyih Impian; Taman Seri Timah; Taman Shah Jaya and Taman Sri Mewah.   
    Taman Sri Cheras; Taman Sri Cheras Jaya; Taman Sri Haneco; Taman Sri Nanding; Taman Sri Putri; Taman Sungai Besi Indah 1, 2,  and  3; Taman Suria; Taman Tanming Jaya 1; Taman Tanming Permai; Taman Tanming Ria; Taman Titiwangsa; Taman Wawasan; Taman Zamrud; Tiara Residence; Taman Aik Ann and Taman Anggerik Perdana.  
    Taman Anggerik Villa; Taman Angkasa Indah; Taman Asa Jaya; Taman Bangi Jaya; Taman Berjaya Sg Jelok; Taman Bukit Cantik Sg Jelok; Taman Bukit Kajang; Taman Bukit Kajang Baru; Taman Bukit Permai; Taman Bukit Kenangan; Taman Bukit Mewah Fasa 5; Taman Bukit Mewah Fasa 9  and  10; Taman Bukit Ria; Taman Desa Baru; Taman Damai Mewah; Taman Desa Mewah; Taman Desa Mutiasa; Taman Desa Ros Kajang; Taman Harmoni, Kajang; Taman Hieow Piow; Taman Indah Sg Jelok and Taman Intan Sg Jelok.  
    Taman Jasmin; Taman Jelok Impian; Taman Jelok Indah; Taman Jelok Ria; Taman Kajang Mulia; Taman Kajang Baru Sg Jelok; Taman Kajang Perdana; Taman Restu; Taman Sakap; Taman Seri Damai; Taman Sri Jelok; Taman Kajang Prima; Taman Kajang Raya Jalan Bukit; Taman Kajang Ria; Taman Koperasi Cuepacs and Taman Kurnia Keringin.  
    Taman Maju 1, Sg Jelok; Taman Maju 2; Taman Manikavasagam; Taman Megah, Sg Jelok; Taman Minang; Taman Permai Semenyih; Taman Permata; Taman Persiaran Bukit Mewah; Taman Ramal Indah; Taman Ria Sg Jelok; Taman Rinching Indah; Taman Saga Emas; Taman Selamat; Taman Semenyih and Taman Semenyih Mewah Fasa 3,4,5.  
    Taman Sentosa Sg Jelok; Taman Seri Ramal; Taman Sg Jelok; Taman Sri Antan; Taman Tanming Impian; Taman Villa Height; Venice Hill; Wisma Tanjung Balai; Agrotek Sg. Semungkis; TTDI GROVE; Eco Hill and Pelangi Semenyih.  
    As for Zone 2 Hulu Langat, the areas that will be affected are Bandar Mahkota Cheras; Bandar Tun Hussein Onn; Kooperasi Maju Jaya; Taman Cheras Mas; Cheras Vista; Country Heights; Desa Budiman; Kajang Utama; Mutiara Jaya; Prima Saujana; Puncak Perdana; Saujana Impian; Setia Impian; Bdr Sg Long and Bdr Sg Long 2.  
    Sutera Residence; Taman Sri Kenari; Taman Kota Cheras; Taman Lagenda Mas 1, 2; Taman Rasa Sayang; Taman Sri Aman; Taman Tun Perak; Taman Sri Minang; Taman Sutera; Taman Kantan Permai; Twin Palm and Cheras Prima.  
    For Zone 1 Kuala Lumpur, the areas that will be involved are Bdr Damai Perdana A; Bdr Damai Perdana B; Bdr Damai Perdana Fasa 2 (Gayana); Bdr Damai Perdana Fasa 3; Taman Orkid Desa; Alam Damai; Taman Bukit Anggerik; Tmn Minang Ria; Taman Bkt Angsana; Taman Suria Jaya; Taman Len Seng; Damai Merawan and Taman Desa Cheras.  
    Taman SPPK Bkt Cheras; Taman Bkt Segar Jaya; Taman Connaught; Taman Sri Bahagia; Taman Desa Baiduri; Taman Billion; Cheras Hartamas; Bdr Baru Segar Utama; The Peak; Taman Cheras Utama (Desa Baiduri); Taman Cheras Utama; Taman Pandan Perdana; Taman Kencana; Taman Pandan Indah; Taman Pandan Indah Komersial; Shamelin Perkasa Industri; Pandan Cahaya and Taman Maju Jaya.  
    In Taman Cheras Indah; part of Taman Lembah Maju: Jln Maju 2/1 - 2/9; Desa Tun Razak; Taman Tayton View; Taman Cirrus Tayton; Taman Mutiara Barat; Taman Segar; Bandar Tun Razak; part of Bdr Tasik Permaisuri; Taman Jaya and Taman Bkt Hartamas.
    Taman Segar Perdana; Taman Wangsa Cheras; Taman Cheras Awana; Taman Cheras Zen; Taman Hijauan Residen; Taman Cheras Permata; Taman Midah; Taman Supreme; Taman Cheras; Taman Cantik; Sierra Seputeh; Taman Bukit Seputeh and Taman Seputeh Height.  
    In Zone 2, Kg Cheras Baru; Taman Muda; Taman Mawar; Taman Putra; Taman Teratai; Taman Saga; Taman Melur; Taman Seraya; Taman Mega Jaya; Taman Bkt Permai; part of  Taman Lembah Maju: Jln Bunga Mawar, Jln Bunga Kemboja and  Jalan Bunga Melor.  
    For Zone 1 Petaling: all police quarters at Taman Desa Tasik, Sg. Besi; Masjid Al Muqarrobbin, Desa Tasik; Sekolah Menengah and Sekolah Rendah Desa Tasik; Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Desa Tasik; Kondominium Midfield, Jln Sg Besi; Perumahan Tentera di Jalan Labuan, Bdr Tasik Selatan and Kondominium Tasik Height di Jalan 30/146, Desa Tasik.  
    Water supply will be restored in stages according zones with Zone 1 expected to get supply from 4pm on Dec 7 while Zone 2 from 9am the same day.  
    Syabas said water supply to the entire area was expected to resume on Dec 13 and as such, consumers should store adequate supply to last until then.  
    For assistance consumers can send SMSes to 15300 by typing TANKER<space>Name and address.  
    The latest information on the upgrading work can be obtained through the smartphone application "mySYABAS", or at Facebook "Puspel Syabas" or "Air Selangor", or by surfing  - Bernama

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