What are you eating for dinner tonight? How about an egg? Here are 10 of our favorite ways to eat an egg for supper.
• 1. Pizza - Eggs on breakfast pizza - it's so delicious! Tiny quail eggs cook quickly, if you want to go that route.

Get the recipe: Breakfast Pizza
• 2. Open face sandwich - We like to pile a fried or scrambled egg on fresh, homemade bread along with any leftover vegetables or scraps from the fridge.

• 3. Baked in a dish - The easy, versatile method of baking eggs on top of whatever you have around - canned tomatoes, a little cream, some herbs - has been a brunch staple for us. Try them baked on top of leftover beans or lentils, too.

• 4. Frittata - The frittata a great make-ahead dish. Cook one up with eggs, potatoes, and vegetables, and eat off it all week.

• 5. Stir-fried - Stir-fried egg with rice is a classic comfort food.

Get the recipe: Stir-Fried Egg and Tomato
• 6. Quiche - Quiche is more like a baked custard than the sturdier texture of a frittata. It's comforting and elegant at the same time.

• 7. Eggs 'n' greens - A fried egg over garlicky greens: it doesn't get much better than that!

• 8. Slow-scrambled - Scrambled eggs should be cooked very, very slowly until they turn into a meltingly soft and custardy delicacy to be eaten on toast. Even so, they're one of the faster dinners we know how to make.

• 9. Over noodles - After greens, noodles and pasta are perhaps our favorite thing to dump an egg on.

• 10. In a casserole - Who says that breakfast casserole is just for the morning? This delicious hash of bread, ham, and eggs is good morning and night.

What's your favorite way to eat an egg for dinner?