Thursday, 14 November 2013

Siti Nurhaliza Slams Khairy

Siti Nurhaliza Slams KJ

Siti Nurhaliza is the centre of attention for the wrong reasons/Google ImagesSiti Nurhaliza is the centre of attention for the wrong reasons/Google Images
AS it turns out, there were many people who questioned Siti’s criticism of KJ in Twitter.
Telling her to focus her attention to her entertainment career instead of football is among the more popular public response to her tweet. Others are not so kind, telling her, “you can’t become football expert only after watching one match at a stadium”.
Nonetheless, in the Malay language daily Harian Metro, Siti explained that she was only critical of Khairy’s use of inappropriate language (to FAM’s committee member Datuk Jamal) and had nothing to do with football whatsoever.
She said: “I didn’t like Khairy’s approach because as a respectable young minister, he shouldn’t have used a harsh term against Datuk Jamal, who is much older than he is.
“He could’ve used other, more suitable words. I was just giving a criticism that is constructive; it should not mean anything more. My criticism had good intentions – if it can’t be accepted, that’s not up to me, and I am just a regular person.”   
Hopefully, her explanation clarifies. Let’s hope they don’t become enemies because of this.
What do you think? 


Siti's Tweet Attracted Controversy
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's sweetheart Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin made a condescending remark on Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar in her Twitter post yesterday.
Siti, 34, said she posted the Twitter statement after reading a newspaper report that Khairy had chided the former national team's captain Datuk Jamal Nasir by telling him not to interfere in the matter between the minister and the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).
"I said it with the best intentions and didn’t mean anything bad by it.
"When I read the report - as a normal person, I felt it was the right thing to do," said Siti in her SMS reply to the Malay daily Kosmo!.
Siti's sharp tweet/Google ImagesSiti's sharp tweet/Google ImagesSiti, who goes by the Twitter handle @CTNurhaliza11, posted: "As a young minister who people look up to, I feel @Khairykj needs to be more prudent in his approach. There is no reason for him to be rude to an older person."
The singer insists that her Twitter post to Khairy was meant to be a constructive criticism and did not want her Twitter statement to be a controversy.
Khairy remains silent on the Tweet issue/Google ImagesKhairy remains silent on the Tweet issue/Google ImagesSiti, who maintains that she is a hardcore fan of the Pahang football team, also said, "I am a regular person and I believe that there are other people out there who would say the same thing."
Khairy meanwhile, declined to comment on the issue, when met at a Deepavali open house hosted by his deputy Datuk M. Saravanan.
The crisis between Khairy and FAM began when the minister criticised the association on ticket sales for the Malaysia Cup final and it flared up when he reprimanded FAM's Security Committee about the discovery of a handgun at the Shah Alam Stadium during the Pahang-Kelantan match.
However, the young minister later said he is willing to meet up with FAM to put an end to the crisis with the football association.


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