Sunday, 6 October 2019

Police to probe viral video of MPSJ dog-catchers (Video)

Cops probe viral video of MPSJ dog-catchers
Nicholas Chung
-October 4, 2019 5:58 PMImages taken from the video show the couple confronting the dog-catchers.

PETALING JAYA: Police are probing a viral video that shows Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) dog-catchers violently seizing a dog while a couple try to stop them.

When contacted, a spokesperson for MPSJ told FMT police are currently investigating the incident, although she could not give further details.

“We cannot give any statements as we have handed over the case to the police. They are investigating so we will wait for the outcome.”

The video, which went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp, shows several MPSJ personnel trying to capture a dog while a man attempts to intervene. A woman records the ordeal.

The man had brought up Prophet Muhammad’s name multiple times, saying he respected the prophet, although this only caused one of the MPSJ personnel to pin him against a car.

The woman, meanwhile, could be heard telling the officers repeatedly that the dog does not bite as it wailed in the background.

One of the catchers had explained that they were only following orders from their superiors and fulfilling their duties, telling the man to go ahead and file a report.

At some point in the video, one of the personnel hurled foul language at the man and warned him to watch his words after he had mentioned something related to Islam again.

Towards the end, it can be seen that the couple had bloodied hands, although the source of the blood is unknown.

In a statement today, the Selangor state government apologised for the incident.

Selangor Local Government, Public Transportation and New Village Development Committee chairman Ng Sze Han said they regretted the rough behaviour of the MPSJ personnel tasked with catching the dog, adding that there had been an increase in the number of complaints about stray dogs and cats recently.

He maintained that the procedures involved in catching animals have to be followed to ensure the well-being of the animals as well as the safety of the officers.

“MPSJ will conduct an investigation into this incident and I hope it will become an example for other local councils so that such incidents will not happen again.”

Ng said he had met several NGOs recently to discuss the issue of stray cats and dogs, adding that they are studying capture approaches that would minimise harm towards the animals.

“The state government is also in the process of improving the animal care and adoption centres in every local council,” he said.

Meanwhile, former Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) member Anthony Thanasayan has defended the actions of the dog-catchers, saying they were just following the set protocol to control strays.

He said sources in MPSJ told him that people had been complaining about the dog.

“All dogs need a home. A street is a horrible place for a dog.”

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