Friday, 17 May 2019

Images of Aliff Aziz allegedly kissing yet another woman goes viral, Mei Fina gives a lewd reply on youtube

New images of Aliff Aziz allegedly kissing yet another woman goes viral
 Joe Lee,Malay Mail 16 hours ago

PETALING JAYA, MAY 16 — While the storm over images and videos of an individual resembling Singaporean actor and singer Aliff Aziz and an allegedly underage girl has yet to die down, another set of photos are now dominating various social media platforms.

The photos, which started making their rounds this morning, allegedly shows Aliff kissing another woman at an entertainment outlet.

Shortly after the two sets of images with a total of five photos began circulating, a woman believed to be the individual in the photos came forward to address the matter on Facebook Live.

Known only as ‘Mei Fina’, the woman claimed the pictures were old and that the two of them had never had an intimate relationship.

“Thank you for making the pictures of me and Aliff viral. Those are really old photos, so why would you upload them now?

“I’ve never had any sort of a relationship with Aliff. So there is no need for any of you to simply comment.”

She said she had lost her mobile phone at a club before Ramadan.

“I don’t know if they only just decided to make those pictures viral. Good job Malaysia, but they’re ‘expired’.

Said to be a model and divorcee with one child, Mei denied she was the one who spread the photos for publicity.

“Please tell that lukewarm artist, there’s no need to pretend. I am not desperate to go viral.

“It’s only Aliff Aziz, what has he got...nothing. If it was a Datuk or Tan Sri, it’d be worth it. Aliff Aziz can go die.”

Mei took offence when some accused her of being a homewrecker.

“You all know how Aliff is, don’t keep blaming women.”

Aliff has asked for privacy after topless images and videos of him and and a supposedly 16-year-old girl were widely circulated three days ago. This followed wife Bella Astillah’s declaration that the couple were now separated.

Beginning with his extramarital affair with actress Afifah Nasir in 2017, Aliff was also in the limelight for his relationship with actress Oktovia Manrose just three months ago.

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